Baby-Friendly Holiday Destinations



Does the thought of taking a vacation with your baby fill you with anxiety instead of bliss? Once upon a time, families were limited in their selection of holiday destinations. Today, cities and resorts cater to parents and kids with rooms or suites that sleep groups of four or more, they provide cribs and provide family friendly fine dining restaurants. This family oriented travel trend has spread worldwide and several baby-friendly holiday destinations can be found close to home.

LEGOLAND California


Who doesn’t love Lego? Parents can revisit their love for their favorite childhood toy and introduce the colorful blocks to their kids. Make sure to bring swimsuits. The ever popular Duplo Splash Zoo for ages 1 to 3 is bound to get you some very wet kisses from your tots. The water play area features interactive Duplo animals, a splash pad and a teeter totter formed from giant Duplo blocks. The baby center in Fun Town also makes a visit to Legoland less stressful with its baby-friendly amenities such as changing tables and food heating stations.

Holiday Parks


Holiday parks are one-stop destination alternatives for families with babies. These modern getaways offer scenic outdoor views and accommodations ranging from tents to cabins and lodges. Holiday Parks, such as those located in the UK, provide indoor and outdoor activities for all ages. Parents and their babies can enroll in classes involving stimulating art and music sessions or head outside for a relaxing picnic. Instructors also contribute to the fun-filled days by teaching you and your newborn water skills with the help of toys and flotation aids.

Sesame Street at Beaches Resorts


Families with little ones can enjoy the ultimate beach experience at one of the many Sesame Street Beaches Resorts in the Caribbean. While you and your elder children play, your babies and toddlers are cosseted by certified nannies in the comfort of the resort nursery. When nap time is over, join in the lively stage show starring Sesame Street’s singing and dancing furry monsters. The fun continues into the night where Elmo, Cookie Monster and friends, lead a lively Junkanoo parade to entertain the crowd.

Baby-friendly holiday destinations are affordable and easy to find. Whether you select a theme park, holiday park or an all-inclusive beach resort for your baby-friendly holiday, you can be assured that your trip will be filled with memorable moments and high quality family oriented service.

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