Answering the Call for Connection: 6 Conversation Starters for Phone Calls With Grandma


It’s alright to admit it: sometimes, our children don’t feel particularly excited when preparing to call up Grandma and Grandpa. Even those who adore their elderly loved ones may avoid picking up the phone on account of concerns that the conversation will be rife with awkward silences or stories that last a bit too long. 

Still, evidence points to the fact that consistent communication with loved ones considerably contributes to elderly individuals’ health and wellness. Purchasing a cell phone like Lively Smart for your elderly loved one can help you ensure that relationship-nurturing calls regularly occur. What’s more, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your loved one can stay in touch with friends and make emergency calls if needed. 

If your kids are still hesitant about giving their grandparents a ring, share these conversation starters with them and urge them to answer the call for connection. 

A blast from the past

Since older adults have enjoyed and learned from a host of experiences in their lifetime, they tend to appreciate opportunities to share the wisdom they’ve accumulated. Urge your children to ask their grandparents to reminisce about their favorite childhood memory, their closest friends from high school, or their most impactful milestones. Their stories may offer welcome perspectives, as well as a few laughs and life lessons. 

A teaching moment

While generational gaps between teens and elderly adults can feel significant and may even deter your children from keeping in contact with their family members, age-related differences can present a learning opportunity. For example, if your kids are frustrated that grandma doesn’t understand how to operate an Xbox, or your parents feel out of place when they tell stories involving radios and record players, suggest that they take time to share their interests. When the conversation ends, they’ll have more in common than they did when it started.

Life updates

Grandparents love few things more than their grandchildren, so updates surrounding what they’ve been up to will always be welcome. While children and teens tend to update those in their lives via posting on social media, elderly adults may not have access to such platforms. Instead of letting grandma and grandpa miss out on the fun, invite your kids to begin each call with a summary of what’s new at school and in their social lives. 

Friends and family

While your children may fear that they share little in common with their grandparents, they can rest assured that one topic of conversation will always bring them together: their shared family. Chatting about a cousin’s wedding, a funny family story or an upcoming reunion will feel comfortable and mutually interesting. Encourage your kids to spice up the conversation by expressing interest in their grandparents’ friends, as well. 

Day-to-day activities

Discussing plans and reminiscing about fond memories can certainly be enjoyable. Still, when it comes to conversations with the elderly, there’s no gift like the present. Casually inviting grandparents to recap details about their day can help bust feelings of loneliness, emphasize finding joy in the little things, and make them feel as though they’re sharing their day with someone. 

Change over time

If you’ve heard your parents joke about walking uphill both ways to school and back, you’re familiar with the perceptual differences in experiences amongst different age groups. Elderly adults have lived through decades of cultural change, political turmoil, and historical adjustments. Chances are, they’d enjoy the opportunity to reflect. Spark a conversation by asking elderly loved ones to describe what is different about the world they live in now, what they miss about the time period they grew up in, and how they feel about current popular culture or emerging technologies. 

Before you go

While kids and teens may lose sight of the importance of frequent communication with grandma and grandpa, avoidance isn’t the answer. Once you’ve prepared your children with natural and engaging conversation starters, they’ll have their grandparents’ numbers on speed dial in no time.

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