Alcohol Addiction Signs to Watch for in Your Teen


Are you worried about your teen getting involved in alcohol?

Alcohol misuse is a serious problem among kids and adolescents, with about one in six stepping away from their studies due to drinking. This is concerning, as alcohol can be dangerous for teens. Despite their young age, some teens might be heavy drinkers.

The problem is unawareness. Most adolescents won’t take it seriously even when they show alcohol addiction signs. As a parent, it’s your duty to guide them and draw their attention whenever and wherever possible.

Here are some of the alcohol addiction signs that your teen might need help with. Keep reading to learn more.

Disruptive Behavior

A teen who is addicted to alcohol may show signs of disruptive behavior. This may include fighting, being verbally or physically abusive, and engaging in risky behaviors.

It can also lead to problems at home and with friends. Alcohol addiction is a serious problem that can lead to long-term health problems and even death.


If your teen is suddenly skipping school or class, it may be a sign that they are using alcohol. Your teen may become withdrawn, hostile, or secretive. They may also start to rebel against authority figures. 

Secretive or Isolated Behavior

Pay attention to changes in their usual routine, such as skipping extracurricular activities, coming home late, or not wanting to spend time with family and friends.

They may also become irritable, or moody. If their child is suddenly spending more time alone in their room or avoiding social gatherings, it could be cause for concern. 

Problems With Personal Appearance

Another alcohol addiction sign to watch for in your teen is a change in their personal appearance. If your teen suddenly starts neglecting their hygiene, wearing dirty clothes, or if they start losing weight and looking unkempt, it could be a sign that they are drinking too much.

Additionally, if your teen’s eyes are always bloodshot and they have a hard time concentrating, these are also signs of alcoholism. If you are concerned about your teen’s alcohol use, you can turn to rehab facilities like Harris House for professional help.

Financial Difficulties

One of the most common signs of alcohol and drug addiction in teens is financial difficulties. If your teen is stealing money from you or other family members, this is a big red flag.

Additionally, if they are always asking for money or seem to be in financial trouble, this is another sign that they may be struggling with alcohol addiction. 

Teen Alcohol Addiction Signs: When to Seek Professional Help

These alcohol addiction signs lead to serious consequences, including health problems, legal problems, and social problems. If you notice any of the following signs, it is important to seek alcohol addiction support. 

With proper treatment, your teen can recover from addiction and lead a healthy, productive life. 

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