Adventuring With Fido: The Top Tips for Traveling With a Dog


Around 37 percent of dog owners have skipped a vacation to stay with their pets instead.

However, you don’t have to miss out on your trip because you don’t want to leave your fluffy friend.

Why not take your dog with you on your travels? Perhaps you have considered this before but decided it sounds too overwhelming.

We can put your mind to rest. Check out our tips for traveling with a dog. Let’s get started!

1. Prepare for your Doggie Travels

Before you leave your home, you need to pack and prepare for traveling with a dog.

First, ensure that your dog is micro-chipped. This allows for a vet to identify your pet dog even he/she gets lost.

However, along with the microchip, always keep a collar and tag on your four-legged friend. This should display your name and contact details.

It’s always a good idea to make sure you’re clear on what your pet insurance covers you for. Keep the details of your insurance accessible in case anything happens while you’re away too.

If you’re taking your dog on a car journey, then you need to make sure your dog has previous experience of car trips. You can build them up to the journey with shorter rides in the car over a few months before. Having a dog car seat increases safety for your pet as these seats provide harnesses that keep them in place during a long ride; minimizing injuries in case of road accidents.

2. Packing Your Dog Travel Kit

If you’re traveling with your pet dog, you need to make sure you pack a bag for your pooch too.

Put together a travel kit. This should include the following items:

  • Food and treats (enough for the duration of the vacation)
  • Bowl (one for water and one for food)
  • Leash
  • Plastic bags (for your dog’s waste)
  • Grooming equipment (you want your dog to look at his/her best)
  • Any medications and first-aid items
  • Travel documents (pet passports?)
  • Dog toys (make your pet feel at home)
  • Dog bed (make sure your pet is feeling comfy)
  • Seat belt (this may be required by law)
  • Muzzle (if you intend on taking your dog into a city, this may also be necessary)

Have you missed anything? That should be everything your dog needs to get through the vacation.

However, always check and double-check that you have everything before you leave home. This helps you to avoid a pit stop to the closest pet store!

3. Never Leave Your Dog Alone in a Car

This is one of the most important rules for pet travel. If you have to stop, make sure you bring your dog with you.

If you leave your pet dog in your parked vehicle on a warm day, it can quickly warm up. Even opening the window isn’t enough to keep it cool. This can cause your dog to suffer from heatstroke.

However, when it is a low temperature, the vehicle can become cold. This can cause your dog to freeze to death.

4. Planning Air Travel with Man’s Best Friend

Are you planning on traveling via plane with your pooch? This isn’t recommended but sometimes it’s necessary.

If you have a small dog, then the airline company may allow you to keep the dog under your seat in a crate.

You should also always try to book a direct flight. You don’t want your pet dog to be under even more stress when you change planes.

You should also ensure that your pet’s up to date on vaccinations. If you’re leaving the country, you may require a health certificate to prove your dog’s health.

Some dog owners tranquilize their pet during the flight. However, this isn’t recommended either since it could damage his/her capacity to breathe.

Besides, there are other ways to keep your pet dog relaxed throughout the flight. If you believe it’s necessary for you to fly with your dog, then speak to your vet first.

5. Buy a Dog Crate

If you’re flying, you need to ensure that you have a USDA approved shipping crate for your dog. However, this is also helpful for any travel with your dog.

There are many sizes of dog crates. You need to ensure that your dog has enough room to stand up and sit down.

You can also create a comfortable environment for your dog. This includes laying down towels to soak up any accidents.

You need to securely close the crate’s door and prevent any sliding during abrupt stops. If you’re flying, don’t lock the crate since this could prevent staff from getting inside in case there is an emergency.

You can also mark the crate with your name and contact information. You should also display “Live Animal” on a banner over the crate to alert staff.

You can discover more about dog crates here

6. Feeding Your Dog During Travel

You should always make sure you have enough food to keep your dog healthy throughout the journey.

If you’re flying, then you can tape a bag of dried food to the outside of the crate. This can be used by airline staff to feed your pet if he/she gets hungry during the layover.

You should also provide water. Freeze a tray of water the night before. When your dog is thirsty during the journey, he/she will get enough to drink.

However, if you’re in a moving vehicle, it’s perhaps best to stop before feeding your dog. You should probably feed your dog a few hours before you travel. This can help avoid any sickness during the journey.

Traveling with a Dog

Now you know that traveling with a dog can be a great joy. However, make sure you follow our tips to keep your dog safe.

Have you experienced traveling with a dog before? We’d love to hear from you. Share your doggie vacation adventures below!

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