7 Travel Safety Tips Every Woman Needs to Know


If you’re off on your next adventure for business or pleasure, you need to learn these travel safety tips. When you know how to keep yourself safe while traveling, your trip is much more enjoyable.

Many women feel unsafe when they are out and about. Always looking over your shoulder and feeling vulnerable is no way to live. Continue reading this article to learn ways to keep yourself safe while you’re traveling alone.

1. Don’t Knock Your Intuition

If you feel like something is out of sorts, don’t just ignore the signal. There are many times when people have listened to their gut and didn’t do something. The next day they watched the news and found out something terrible happened.

If you get one of these gut feelings, don’t push it down. Listen to your gut and keep yourself safe.

2. Keep a Dummy Wallet

If you get mugged when you’re in another country, it can mean big trouble. If you don’t know anyone nearby, you may be stranded. Keep a dummy wallet with you in case you get robbed. The thief will get the wallet and think they got something valuable and run off.

Your dummy wallet needs to look like it’s really in use. Don’t just put a wallet in your pocket. You should have some photos, expired credit cards and anything else you might normally have in your wallet. If the wallet is empty, you’re likely to have a very unhappy thief on your hands.

3. Get Advice from Locals

Before you go to another country, the best way to learn what you need to know is by getting advice from the people that live there. If you don’t know anyone there, you can go on local forums or websites about the location to ask any questions you might have.

Find out if there are any issues going on that you should be worried about. You can also get tips for the best times to visit the best places in the country.

You might even make some good contacts that you can meet and hang out with while you are visiting.

4. Keep Copies of Important Documents

While we hope nothing is going to happen to our important documents while we are traveling, it’s better to prepare than to be caught off guard. Make copies of all important documents such as your ID, passport and insurance cards.

When you’re out enjoying the town, you can leave the originals in your room in a safe to protect them. Make sure to put the copies somewhere other than where the originals are even if you don’t want to carry them with you when you’re out and about.

5. Dress Like a Local

There are different expectations of what women are supposed to dress like throughout the world. Before you go to your destination, make sure you know what other women are going to be dressed like when you go.

If you are too scantily clad for a certain destination, you could get some unwanted attention from undesirable people. You could even put your life in danger if certain people are offended by the way that you are dressed.

You may even want to order some clothes from retailers in the country you plan on visiting. This can be a lot of fun and it will help you blend in so you aren’t targeted by scams or other attacks because you’re a foreigner.

There may even be different expectations within the country that you’re traveling to. If a certain area has a large population of a certain religious group, they might find one thing offensive while just a few miles down the road, the same garb is totally acceptable.

6. Let People Know Where You Are

When you’re a solo traveler, you might not think about letting anyone else know where you are. You’re independent and doing your own thing. While it’s great to be independent, you’re going to be much safer if you let people know where you are.

You can also let them know when they should expect you to check in with them. If you don’t check in with them, they should try to contact you and see if you are okay. The last thing you want is to get into trouble and not have anyone looking for you or trying to help you.

Different countries have different laws and you might find yourself in a sticky situation with no “one phone call” law in place. Don’t let that scare you away from traveling but do make sure you are safe by informing friends and family about the activities that you’re planning.

7. Take a Self Defense Class

Even if you don’t want to become a martial artist, you should take a self defense class. It’s better to know how to protect yourself and not need to, than to need to protect yourself and not know how to.

Not only can self defense classes help you be and feel safer when you’re traveling, but they can be very empowering. You might find that you love training and pick up extra classes out of enjoyment.

Travel Safety Tips for Your Sanity

Now you know some travel safety tips and you can feel more confident about your next journey. Why stop learning there? We have many other articles that can help you as you’re planning your next trip and beyond.

Browse our site, find your favorite section, drop a bookmark and come back soon for more great reads.

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