A Simple Buying Guide For Bedroom Furniture Sets


There are times when you really want to set up your home in the best way that suits your tastes, but at the same time, it is not going to be too difficult. When you are moving into your first home, typically you don’t have much furniture so it can take quite a while to fill it. Making sure that everything matches your desired style is not easy when you buy piece by piece.

Furniture sets for the bedroom or other rooms are a great way to make sure that everything matches and is very functional. The best part is that you can fill a room overnight when you buy a set. This makes your house feel more like home right away.

How to find the right set? That’s where things get tricky. We’ll start with the bedrooms for this furniture set buying guide so you can build your dream bedroom. After all, you spend more time in the bedroom than anywhere else in your house. 

The master suite

The focus of every bedroom is going to be the bed, of course. You spend up to eight hours per night there and it is also the biggest piece of furniture in the room. It should be the centerpiece so the right style is important. Since it is used every day, it also has to be practical and comfortable

You’ll start by choosing the size and then branch out into other factors that are important such as the height and even the material and colors. Most couples opt for wood queen bedroom sets since the size of the bed is big enough for two without taking up as much space as a king size. 

However, how the bed is used is also going to be a factor. For instance, motion separation is important when you have different schedules so if one of you goes to bed earlier than the other they won’t be disturbed when the other gets in. Also, if you both read or use tablets in bed then there won’t be much room to move around so it might make more sense to get a king-size bed. 

Luckily, king-size beds can be either longer or wider than queens so you can fit one into your room depending on the dimensions. Tall people will want the longer version, whereas if you are looking for more space on your side then a wide version is the better option. 

The type of bed is also determined by your storage situation. If you have a walk-in closet then you may not need to have a lot of other storage options. Those that have small closets should look for bed frames that have drawers in them. These are great for storing linens for the bed without taking up closet space. 

Next, try to fit the mood of the room by coordinating the style. This is the biggest benefit of having a set since all the pieces go together. For instance, you may love an Asian-themed room so look for material like bamboo or rattan across all of the furniture. Maybe a country house is more your thing, in which case weathered barn wood is going to compliment your style preference. 

Kids room

A kid’s room is the trickiest to find the rest set for. As they grow their needs and even style preferences are going to change. It makes sense to have a set that they grow into so you aren’t replacing the furniture every two or three years. 

A full-sized bed is a good option to start with after the child has graduated from a crib. Cribs can be used as toddler beds if you get a convertible one and will take the child through to their fourth year or so. Then switch to a full-size bed that they can use for the rest of their childhood through adolescence. 

Finding the right style is not easy so try to make it a bit neutral and not too babyish. This way when they get older, they aren’t stuck with furniture that is already dated. They can always show their personality and style preferences with how the room is decorated while the furniture is neutral. 


As you can see, a set takes a lot of decision-making out of the process. It’s like one-stop shopping that makes your life a lot easier. Once you know what you’re looking for, you can grab everything in one shot.

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