A Guide to Helping Your Teen Through a Difficult Time


Raising a child can be very rewarding; however, there are also times when it’s very challenging. It’s only natural that you want to be the best possible parent, but there are going to be moments when you really don’t know what to do. The teen years, in particular, can be tumultuous, and there will be difficult times you need to guide them through. These can be the death of a loved one or friend, peer pressure, general disappointments, life lessons and even bouts of depression. Being prepared for such occasions can be a big part of the battle, so here are some thoughts and suggestions to help you through these difficult times.


There’s nothing to be gained by allowing your teen to bottle up their emotions. It’s far better to give them plenty of opportunities to talk. That doesn’t mean you can make them open up and let you know how they’re feeling. It is possible, however, to lead a conversation in the right direction and get things rolling by sharing your feelings on the subject. Breaking out of the daily routine often helps, so make some special time for your teen.

Different Ways to Communicate

Another way of opening up the channels of communication is to write a note for your teen to read. Let them know you understand they’re going through a hard time and that it’s difficult to talk about it, but you are willing to listen and answer questions if asked.

What Happens if You Don’t Communicate?

If you leave them to simmer about what has happened, they could explore other avenues to make their pain go away. Drug and alcohol abuse, for example, is often used because it stops them thinking about what has happened. Unfortunately, this isn’t a road you want them to be taking as they could need help in stopping their addictive behavior. There is help available if you find yourself in such a situation. Centers such as igniteteentreatment.com can help your teen with their struggles.  

Encourage Your Teen to Connect with Friends

Many teens will find spending time with friends one of the most helpful things they can do when struggling to cope with a difficult time in their life. Don’t feel let down because they’d rather hang around with their friends than stay at home with you. If you’re worried about what they might be getting up to encourage your teen to invite their friends over and then give them space and time to talk through their issues. It’s a simple gesture but could be all your teen needs to open up and express feelings they would otherwise keep hidden.

When your teen is going through a difficult time, for whatever reason, they may be struggling to express the hurt and pain they’re feeling. They may exhibit some very upsetting emotions, but you shouldn’t take them personally. Be there for them, and if their emotions don’t level out, it might be time to seek professional help.

You may never be faced with a teen that’s struggling through a difficult time, but it’s better to be prepared so you can provide support and guidance.

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