A Different Kind of Stretching: 5 Postpartum Yoga Poses


Going through the process of giving birth is an exciting and joyous adventure. You’re so thrilled to welcome your new bundle of joy into the world. At the same time, pregnancy is taxing on your body in many ways.

For that reason, it might be in your best interest to consider maintaining a regular yoga routine during and after your pregnancy. There are several postpartum yoga poses for you to try, as detailed below.

After all, even experts recognize the value of working out during pregnancy. You’ll want to continue those fitness efforts even after you give birth.

If you’re not sure how to start, the good news is that you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading to learn all about the top five postpartum yoga poses for you to practice. If you maintain this habit on a consistent basis, you’ll see awesome results in your body in no time.

1. Practice Kegel Exercises in Child’s Pose

The first exercise to consider has both an internal and external benefit. Consider how much hard work your body’s internal organs went through to help you give birth.

They deserve the same care and love as the rest of your body’s muscles. That’s why this first exercise can be of such value.

To start, get familiar with the child’s pose. It’s one of the most foundational poses in the entire practice of yoga. It’s a chance to stretch the lower back and the elbows. In addition, it’s an opportunity to relax and reflect.

While you’re in this grounding position, consider adding another layer to your exercise. Kegel exercises can be of extreme use for new mothers. Your insides will be quite grateful for this effort of yours.

In fact, doctors recommend mothers to participate in kegel exercises whether or not it’s in conjunction with a yoga pose. Practice kegel exercises on a regular basis both before and after your pregnancy. Doing so will go a long way to ensuring your internal organs and muscles get the exercise they need, too.

2. Bridge Pose Is One of the Most Popular Postpartum Yoga Poses

Another foundational yoga pose is called a bridge pose. It’s a crucial one to remember because it focuses on more than one muscle group at a time. Plus, it’s not very taxing on the body.

Start by lying down flat on your back on your yoga mat. Then, bend your knees and bring your feet close to the bottom of your back.

Keep your arms flat on the ground and to your sides. Their muscles will not be participating in this pose.

When you’re ready, lift your rear into the air until your knees create a right angle (ninety degrees). Keep your should, head, neck, and arms on the ground.

This pose doesn’t seem too challenging from the beginning. The longer you hold this pose before releasing it, though, the more of a workout it will be for you. It helps sculpt both your upper leg muscles and your abs.

3. Challenge Yourself with Warrior One and Two

These two yoga poses are also fundamental ones for most yoga practitioners. Warriors one and two require focus and attention to balance.

Both poses start in a lunge position. The front leg is bent, while the back one is extended behind you. For that reason, you’ll have to do either of these poses on both sides of your body to even out the exercise.

Once you’re in the lunging position, reach your arms up to the ceiling. When you find that balance, start to push your hands toward the back of the room. This is the Warrior One position.

Then, consider which leg is forward: the right or left one. Whichever leg is forward, put that same arm out straight in front of your with the other extended behind. This is Warrior Two.

4. Sit Down for a Navasana Exercise

In this yoga position, you’ll sit on the floor with your legs extended in front of you. Then, you’ll extend your arms out over them with your palms facing upward.

Bend your knees so that they come right under your open palms. This is called the Nasavana sitting position, which is great for postpartum mothers to work on balance and self-control.

5. Lie Down and Practice Your Locust

To get in the locust pose, lie down on your stomach with your arms extended out in front of you. Then, lift both of your arms and both of your legs at the same time.

In the locust pose, you’re not only focusing on balancing. In addition, you’re getting a great ab workout which is essential after giving birth.

If you need further guidance, you might seek the help of professionals in the field. You can sign up for yoga lessons or group classes to learn more.

Continue Investing in Your New Life as a Mother

Now you have a thorough understanding of today’s top postpartum yoga poses. There’s no need to cut corners when it comes to prioritizing your health and wellness as a new mother, so take the guidelines above seriously.

The key to benefiting from yoga after giving birth is staying consistent with your practice. Start out with a flow between these five poses, and add more to your repertoire as you continue to get stronger.

Want more tips about how to navigate the many ins and outs you face as a new mother? Make sure to check out the other articles on our site.

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