9 Stylish Ideas for Living Room Decor


It’s the room in your home where you relax with family, gather with friends, and unwind after a long day: the living room.

And the way you decorate and arrange your living room can be the difference between delight and disarray.

Does your living room sound like the latter?

You may have experienced that decorating your room from scratch can feel overwhelming. But don’t fret. We’ve compiled the perfect tips for you to get you on your way to the perfect living room.

Here are nine stylish ideas for living room decor mastery that will make your living room look super.

1. Measure for Measure

The first thing you need to do is get out the tape measure. It’s essential to know measurements before you get started. This will help you fit everything appropriately according to size and scale.

Measuring your space will also help you choose the right home decor items for your living room. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for rugs or window treatments, or flags (see international flags for sale here).

Knowing the length, width, and depth of your whole room, as well as particular areas like your windows, will help you choose the items you’ll use to decorate. This will not only make your room look great, but it will also provide comfort.

2. Choosing Your Furniture Pieces

Now that you know the measurements of your living room, it’s time to go furniture shopping. When shopping for larger pieces like a sofa or loveseat, be sure to leave extra room.

You’ll need space to walk between your wall and your furniture and between pieces. And the extra room will make your space look and feel more spacious. The space between furniture is just as important as the pieces you’ll select.

3. Arranging the Furniture

Often, homeowners are clueless when it comes to arranging their living room furniture. A tendency is for people put the sofa and the rest of seating against a wall without giving much thought to other options.

But if you take the time to plan your design, you’ll find you have more choices than you realize. Take a look at decorating magazines like Elle Decor for some ideas for living room decor.

The first thing you’ll need is a focal point. Maybe it’s the fireplace or the TV. Larger living rooms look great with conversation areas.

Also, consider the traffic flow of the room. It’s wise to keep the TV and sofa out of the flow of traffic so people don’t walk in front of you.

4. Selecting Paint Colors

Confused about paint colors? How many? What color? The choices can be daunting. With all the colors on the color palette, picking colors can be mind-boggling.

Before you choose the paint, think of the items in your living room. Do you have a sofa with a print? Why not choose a color from the print. If you’re getting a new sofa, you might want to decide on the sofa before you buy the paint.

Maybe there’s a piece of artwork you want as a focal point. If you plan on hanging it for a while, select your paint colors to match.

Designers say to choose three colors max for your palette in the room. Choose one of those as a paint color. Use another as an accent wall for a focal point. Check out these accent wall do’s and don’ts.

5. Let There Be Light

Lighting is an important element of any room. The lighting you choose will depend on the purposes you use it for. In a living room, you probably won’t want the lighting as bright as your kitchen.

Keep in mind three kinds of lighting: accent lights, task lighting, and ambient lighting. While many living rooms will have table lamps, don’t forget about lights for your ceiling.

A beautiful ceiling fixture like a chandelier on a dimmer or recessed lighting can add style to your living room and provide several lighting choices.

6. How to Lie Down Area Rugs

Many people struggle with choosing the right area rugs for their space. It can be a big challenge to get the look right. Area rugs are important, especially in rooms with hardwood floors. They protect the finish of your flooring.

For the boho-chic look, combine area rug patterns that have similar colors. You can use a combination of sizes.

In a smaller room, it’s best to use a larger area rug to enlarge the space. Too many small rugs can make the room look disjointed.

Unlike wall-to-wall carpeting, keep about 10-20 inches of bare floor space between your area rug and the wall.

7. Artwork Completes Your Living Room

Empty walls can look bare. Decorating walls with artwork can add style to any room. A great place for artwork in a living room is over the sofa.

Choose one large painting, print, or sculpture wall decor piece. Or do a series of three pieces of art on an angle. A series of nine pieces of equal size in three rows and columns add a cohesive look to most spaces.

Get creative and display a wall of family photos or artwork made by your children for a personal touch.

8. Ottomans Provide Comfort and Storage

When it comes to ideas for living rooms, comfort rules. There’s nothing comfier than an ottoman to stretch your legs while you read a book, watch TV, or engage in conversations with family and friends.

Ottomans with storage do double duty. They provide comfort and a place to put things when you want them hidden and out of the way.

9. Don’t Over Do the Decor

The number one rule in design is less is more. There’s a reason the old adage has been around for decades.

Having too many items in the room can crowd your living room–or any other room for that matter. For a simple and elegant look, keep things uncluttered.

The Complete Look: 9 Stylish Ideas for Living Room Decor

When looking for chic ideas for living room design and decor, incorporate these nine tips for a living room space that exhibits style. Always keep comfort and function in mind and you’ll be happy with your design choices.

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