The Different Types of Hotels: A Complete Guide on What to Know


If you want to get the most value from your dollar when shopping for hotels, it’s important to know the different types of hotels that exist.

We often just search “hotels in (destination),” and peruse until a price looks right. There is, however, actually a lot more to selecting the right hotel, however. A lot of people experience disappointment in hotels on a regular basis, but the problem might stem in a lack of knowledge.

Knowing what you’re looking for and what to expect is essential. We’re going to try and help you out with this problem by describing a few of the main types of hotels that are available.

A Guide to Types of Hotels

A range of price and luxury is available to you if you only know where to look. We’ll cover some of the primary distinctions between lodging options and list the benefits they offer.

Keep an open mind and consider some of the following options while you plan for your next trip!

Standard Hotels

A hotel seems like something that doesn’t need to be explained, but it’s important to know the specific qualities of a hotel.

In general, a hotel will have private bedrooms, bathrooms, and provide room service. Not all hotels provide room service, of course, but it’s something that many people have come to expect.

Additionally, you’ll find a refrigerator and microwave. Hotels are typically middle-range in terms of price, and most areas offer a few hotels that suit a number of price ranges.


Hostels are one of the cheapest options available to you. In most cases, hostels provide comfortable lodging that could include sharing a room with strangers. Many people feel uncomfortable lodging this way, but there is a huge demographic that loves hostel life.

Many travelers prefer hostels because they’re cheap, welcoming, and expose guests to new and interesting people. Hostels also offer a few single bedrooms if in some cases, and the prices go up marginally.

If you’re planning an international trip on a budget, hostels are the way to go. Try to find a location that provides breakfast and connection to local tourist attractions.

Boutiques Hotels and B&Bs

Our final option tends to fall on the higher end of the pay-scale.

Boutiques are hotels that hold under 100 guests at a time and provide company with very high-end amenities. It’s likely that a boutique will have specific themes, eclectic decorations, and extremely personal service.

B&Bs have similar qualities, except they aren’t necessarily as high-end. Bed and breakfasts are lodging options that exist in a person’s home. Rooms are rented out and guests are catered to by the owner, who makes breakfast for all guests in the morning.

In general, B&Bs don’t ever house more than ten people at a time. Guests tend to congregate in the living room or common areas and get to know each other.

Going on a Trip Soon?

Knowing different types of hotels is extremely valuable when you’re planning a trip. Guides like this one are essential if you want to travel right, especially if you’re going on trips with children.

For more information on executing family trips, keep exploring our site and find the tips you need.

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