Top 10 Reasons to Trees Removal


Why tree removal is important

There’s no denying it; trees are an invaluable resource for humans and all living things.

Trees have been providing humans and animals with food and oxygen. They also provide shelter, medicine, and a lot of other things. Moreover, trees provide home for many types of animals. Trees provide shelter and security for insects and animals by keeping the weak and vulnerable animals out of reach from their predators.

Another important benefit of trees is that they play an integral part of quality control for the soil which is beneficial for plants to survive. Trees have the ability to get rid of poisonous substances like carbon from the ground. Too much carbon in soil will determine whether a plant or other trees will do well.

In spite of all their contributions to our planet and benefits to all living things, there comes a point when a tree needs to be removed. However, it should always be the last resort. Moreover, this should be carried out only by a licensed and recommended tree removal company. Let us look at some of the most common reasons why trees are removed from residential and commercial properties.

Top Reasons to Remove Trees

Most people know the benefits of trees. However, not everyone knows the reasons why and when we should have trees removed. Below are ten of the most common reasons to remove trees:

1. Damaged Tree

A tree can become damaged during a storm or improper pruning. It is best to remove damaged trees before they become diseased or before they.

2. Dead Trees

Healthy trees are beautiful to look at and are beneficial to the way of life for many organisms.

Once a tree dies, it will start to decay. Decomposition will weaken the structure of the tree and cause it or its branches to fall. A dead tree can fall on someone or a building and cause severe damage.

Dead trees can also attract pests such as ants and rats. These pests can, in turn, infest your home.

3. Diseased Trees

There are many ways a tree can become diseased. They can become infected due to drought, fungi, insects, and viruses. Removing diseased trees will ensure that healthy trees do not become infected.

4. Root Damage

Old trees have extensive roots that can damage building foundations and destroy drains. Damages such as these can cause cost a fortune to repair. Some roots are hard to control, so it is recommended that the tree and as much of the roots as possible be removed.

5. Power Lines

Trees that threaten to grow into power lines should be removed by a professional. The branches of trees can cause power outages and property damage if they come in contact with the power lines.

6. Space / Poor Location

The tallest tree in the world is the California Redwood which can grow up to 379 feet or taller. A tree as big as that needs a lot of space to thrive. Tall trees such as the California Redwood should not be near to a home; therefore, a tree that hangs over your roof should be removed.

It is also recommended that trees be removed once there is significant crowding.

7. Burdensome Trees

It can become annoying to be always cleaning up leaves, fruit, seeds, pine needles/cones, and branches when they fall on your property. Removing burdensome trees will ensure that you don’t spend another weekend raking up leaves.

8. Leaning Trees

Trees planted poorly tend to lean towards the sunlight or lean towards the side with more branches due to improper pruning. A tree that leans has a greater chance of falling over. Removing these types of trees can prevent further damage.

9. Construction / Renovations

Trees can hinder construction or renovation projects. They may be in a location where a structure will be built or damaged by heavy machinery such as an excavator from trying to access construction sites.

10. Settle a Dispute with Neighbors

Trees can be one of the reasons for having a dispute with your neighbors. If your tree is causing an issue with your neighbors or if it is interfering in any way in how they live and enjoy in their property, you don’t have any choice but to cut down your tree.


Removing a tree is not an easy decision to make because it involves some real cost that property owners will shell out of their pockets. However, if tree removal has already been recommended, there is no other choice but to have it done as soon as possible. This is because the longer you wait to have a tree removed, the higher the possibility of experiencing the risks in your property.

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