8 Reasons why pregnancy belts are amazing support wear for moms-to-be


While carrying your little buddle of joy for nine months is extremely pleasing and exciting for a mother, it also brings pains and strains with it. The carriage impacts your body in multiple ways can be the reason for many trivial and serious issues. While most of these problems are temporary, some can develop in chronic ailments. Most moms-to-be choose pregnancy support wears such as a pregnancy support belt at Bubba Bump to relieve pain and make their life easier during pregnancy.

The growth of the uterus is significant, especially in the later months of pregnancy. It results in stretch and strain in all the muscles surrounding the abdomen including the back, pelvic, and hips. A belt or a band can significantly reduce the pain by providing support to the belly and help you carry out your daily chores more easily.

  • Reduces inflammation in legs

In later pregnancy months, the weight of the baby bump puts a lot of pressure on your back and legs. This results in swelling in the legs. Pregnancy belts distribute the weight of your baby bump evenly and reduce the pain and swelling. 

  • Enhances body posture

A pregnancy belt also helps in aligning the center of gravity of your body in the right place. It provides subtle support to your lower back and abdomen muscles and This helps in maintaining better body posture during all trimesters. 

  • Simplify exercising

Staying active is recommended to all pregnant women, even in later months. However, simple activities become difficult in those times. A pregnancy belt provides support and makes walking and slow running much easier even in the last trimester.

  • Deliver greater balance and reduce the chances of falling

One of the biggest risks during pregnancy is losing the balance of the body. As the pregnancy belts properly align your center of gravity, it helps to stabilize your pelvic. This may enhance the body balance and reduce the chances of falling.

  • Decrease pains and discomfort

As the weight of the baby bump is evenly distributed through all the lower body muscles, it prevents straining specific muscles more. These belts distribute the pressure equally through body muscles, joints, and ligaments and reduce pain and swelling remarkably. With reduced pain, you are more joyful and can enjoy your pregnancy with reduced mood swings.

  • Prevents pre-term contractions

Pregnancy belts and bands provide significant support and stability to your bump and overall body. As the stress on the entire body is reduced, so are the chances of pre-term contraction.

  • Reduces the pressure on the bladder

As the weight in your womb increases, it puts a lot of pressure on the bladder. Many women face bladder-related issues due to this. A pregnancy belt or band supports and lifts your belly a bit relieving the pressure on the bladder and easing your issues.

  • Stabilizes sacroiliac joints

The loosening of hip joint ligaments is a common problem during pregnancy. It occurs due to uneven weight distribution and may become a chronic problem for many women. A pregnancy belt distributes the weight evenly, reduces the sacroiliac pain and discomfort, and prevents it from being a lifelong issue.

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