7 ways to freshen up your bedroom on a budget


Craving an oasis where you can escape the world for a while? Nothing is better than relaxing in a bedroom that reflects your favourite colours and individual tastes, while making you feel relaxed and refreshed. Whether your style has changed or it’s simply time for a refresh, the great thing is it doesn’t have to cost a lot to give your room an update.  

Try repositioning furniture, swapping out soft furnishings from other rooms, adding new lighting or investing in a signature piece to give your bedroom a quick revamp… these hacks may seem simple but they can help refresh your space.  Keep reading for some other easy ways to give your room a fresh look for less.

Move your room around

It might take some muscle but moving furniture is a great way to view your bedroom from a fresh perspective. Whether you have the option to centre your bed against a different wall or room to move key pieces of furniture like a tallboy or dressing table, switching your furniture around is a fun way to freshen your room without spending a cent.  

Before you get moving, you may find it helpful to do a quick sketch of your bedroom. This way you can make sure everything will fit comfortably where you envision it, before you start rearranging – there’s nothing worse than going to the effort to rejig heavy furniture only to find it’s not quite right!

Refresh your soft furnishings 

Changing up your soft furnishings can be a low-key, high-impact way to freshen your bedroom. You can use cushions, throw blankets and pillows to add a new accent colour, change your style entirely or choose pieces that complement your current colour scheme. There are no rules here – just look for whatever makes you feel happy, whether a bold statement or a subtle touch-up.  

You may also want to take inspiration from the seasons with cushions and throws made from more lightweight fabrics in summer and then lusher, thicker options like velvet and faux fur for the colder months. If your colour scheme is neutral and you’re looking for something brighter, add some bright throw pillows in coordinating colours to add a pop of colour. Changing your linen is also another way to change the feel of your space. Whether you want to go neutral or add a hint of colour, your bedding can make a real difference. 

Update your decor

There are many ways to dramatically change your decor without digging too deeply into your wallet. Here are some ideas to consider:

  • DIY new wall art by creating an abstract painting or have a favourite family photo printed on canvas.
  • Buy a plush rug so your feet can sink into something fluffy at the start and end of your day.
  • Update your small decor items like vases and then add some flowers for a bright pop!
  • Add some candles to your surfaces.
  • Switch out your bedding for a new colour or bright pattern.

Upgrade your lighting

Lighting sets the mood when it’s time to wind down in the evening, making it an easy way to transform your bedroom into a cosy retreat. 

There are so many different ways to change up your lighting without breaking the bank. Whether you simply switch out bulbs for a lower wattage, change up the shades on bedside lamps or invest in new lamps or pendants, a change of lighting can give your room an entirely different feel. 

Add a new accent piece 

Have you spotted a bed frame or chest of drawers that brings your new bedroom vision to life? Perhaps you want to add some colour with a new art piece or an occasional chair. 

A new accent piece can really add a fresh new take on your space, making it somewhere that you love coming home to at the end of the day. 

Ultimately, the goal is to create a space that inspires and invigorates you, whether you achieve that with a single change or many smaller ones.  

Mix and match colours and patterns

Playing with colours, patterns and textures is an easy way to make any decor style pop. Whether your style is boho, eclectic, or you’re simply keen to try something new, colour blocking or a mix of prints can be used to create a look that’s as unique as you are. Don’t be afraid to be daring and take risks, this look is all about being bold. The key is to create layers using cushions, linen or throws that bring in that pop of texture and colour. 

If you prefer more calming neutrals, you can mix and match calming hues of cream and blue or white and greens. Choose one texture or textile print that you love and build the rest of your soft furnishing choices around it.  

Add some greenery

There’s nothing lusher than adding greenery to your bedroom to invigorate your senses and add some natural elements. Plus, there are so many different options! Want something that makes a statement? Go for a potted plant such as a fiddle leaf fig that takes up the corner of your room. Looking for a subtle splash of greenery? Try placing a plant such as a Devil’s Ivy up high on a shelf and let its decorative leaves flow down below. 

A bedroom revamp is within your grasp

Depending on your individual style and needs, there are many different ways you can perk up a tired-looking bedroom without hurting your wallet.  No matter whether you’re an avid DIY enthusiast, a plant lover, a seasoned bargain hunter, or a novice redecorator, there are plenty of budget-friendly options to refresh your space and give your bedroom a new lease on life.


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