7 Ways to Encourage Your Big and Little Kids to Play Together


As a parent, you have so much to do throughout the day, from cooking to laundry. Sometimes you need your kids to play together, so you can get things done. Also, this can allow them to grow closer together. Although, if you have kids of two different ages, this can sometimes be a little tricky. Here are seven ways to encourage your children to play together. 

1. Break Out the Bubbles 

Bubbles can be a fun way to keep your kids entertained. Your younger kids will love watching them float around. To encourage your older kids to get involved, have them be in charge of blowing the bubbles. You can also encourage them to turn it into a game and see which child can pop the most bubbles. Another idea is to see how many bubbles they can blow in one breath. 

Consider buying a bubble machine to make the experience more fun. If you want to turn it into an activity, try mixing some food coloring with the bubble solution and painting. 

Here are some more fun activities you can do with bubbles:

  • Write letters with bubbles
  • Blow a bubble inside a bubble 
  • Create bubble butterflies
  • Make a giant bubble 
  • Build bubble towers 

2.  Bring Out Some Cushions and Pillows 

Let your kid’s creativity shine and allow them to build something or just crawl around on the cushions. If they need ideas, suggest that they create a fort. This allows both of your children to get involved and encourages teamwork. Forts are perfect for rainy days when your kids are stuck inside. 

Here are some fun activities your children can do inside the fort:

  • Play board games
  • Watch a movie
  • Have a tea party
  • Read stories 
  • Have a friendly pillow fight 

Another idea is to have them play on the floor is lava. This can be a fun way for your older children to use their problem-solving skills. It can also be a fun way for your younger kids to jump around and release pent-up energy. 

3.  Empty Reusable Bags and Purses 

Kids love to open up and go through your bags. It’s fun for them to see what’s inside. So, bring out your purse or bags from inside your closet and fill them with toys or food. Then let your kids load and unload the bags. Turn this into a game by seeing how many bags they can fill up. Try letting your older kids time your little kids to get them more involved.

You can even have them set up a fake store with the items they found. To make it even more special, consider hiding one of your child’s favorite toys inside and see if they can find it. 

4.  Encourage Them to Play Games Together

To encourage your kids to bond with one another, have them play simple games. Hide and seek is a fun one for kids of any age. The older kids will enjoy coming up with unique hiding spots. At the same time, your little ones will enjoy running around the house. 

Follow the leader is another good game idea. You can have your older child be the leader to get them more involved. You can also switch it up and let your little one lead making them feel special. Also, consider having them play kid-friendly board games, such as Connect 4. 

Here are some other board games ideas to consider:

  • Battleship
  • Operation
  • Trouble
  • Chutes and ladders
  • Mousetrap 

5. Take Your Kids to a Playground 

A playground is an excellent activity for kids of all ages. Your older kids can play on the slides and climbing walls. Your little ones can enjoy the baby swings or roll around in the grass. Parks are also beneficial to your kids’ health. Being outside allows them to soak up Vitamin D, which improves immune health. It also can boost their mood and help them sleep better. 

Playgrounds allow kids to strengthen their fine and gross motor skills and improve their cognitive abilities. They’re also great places for your children to improve their social skills.  

6.  Have a Dance Party

Find any instruments inside your house, such as shakers or a keyboard. Then put on some music through your phone or Alexa. Once the music is going, let your kids dance it out. This is also an excellent way for your kids to be more active, which is essential for their health.

It also tires them out so you can get some rat night. Consider having a dance-off to make it more fun. This is the perfect activity for kids of all ages because it doesn’t require much thought or a certain skill level. 

7. Buy Some Balloons 

Blow up some balloons and watch your kids play with them for hours. They will enjoy just hitting them around the room. They can also play games with them by tossing the balloons back and forth. Another fun idea is seeing how long they can keep up the balloon before it hits the ground. Consider picking out balloons in your favorite kid’s colors or with fun patterns.  

Also, if you know how to make balloon animals, this is an excellent way to occupy your kids. 

How to Encourage your Kids to Play Together

Family time is essential for creating lasting memories! However, sometimes with kids of different ages, it can be hard to find common activities. Here are seven activities for both your older and younger kids to do together.  

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