7 Tips for Student Moms To Be Efficient


Being a mom can be very challenging and stressful. Add to that the pressures of school and achieving educational goals, and you have the recipe for a storm. 

Student moms face unique challenges when juggling parenthood and studies. It’s no surprise that sometimes being a student mom may seem like grasping at straws to you.

However, it’s not impossible to stay on top of your tasks and become more efficient as a student mom. 

Consider the following tips to help you get more out of your day and prevent essential duties from slipping through the cracks.

1. Stay Organized

A great place to begin with your efforts to improve your efficiency is to organize. Consider organizing not only your surroundings but your schedule and the way you handle daily tasks.

You can start by sticking up a to-do list in the kitchen. Keep it short and simple, though. 

Set alarms and reminders to alert you about important tasks like a submission deadline or your child’s parent-teacher meeting.

Keep your house uncluttered, so that you’ll not have to clean up as much or as often.

2. Learn How to Study Effectively

To succeed as a student mom, you’ll want to learn how to study more effectively. Studying without a system wastes time and creates more struggles in your already busy life. 

Take time to get assistance from professional tutors or learn the latest study techniques to propel yourself and your child to success. Try researching academic tips for high school students to get pointers in the right direction.

3. Avoid Taking On Too Many Tasks

Multitasking seems like great practice but in reality, it can lead to more chaos.

Take up one task at a time and give it your attention until it’s complete. 

You’ll end up with better results and fewer errors.

4. Learn Ask For Assistance

Although it may be tempting to handle everything by yourself just to prove your potential, this practice can be counter-productive. 

Enlist your trusted friends and loved ones to help you achieve your goals. Remember, when you find yourself overwhelmed or stuck with a chore or task, asking for assistance is okay. It will help you avoid holdups and detours. 

Consider it yet another way to accomplish your goals.

5. List Your Priorities

It’s easy to lose track of your priorities when you have so much to think about and do. 

However, making a list of your preferences and giving them the proper attention is a great way to achieve your goals and get ahead when you’re a student mom.

6. Budget Your Time

It’s easy to lose track of time with unimportant activities. However, it’s worth the effort to learn effective time management. 

Make a list of important events and goals and budget adequate time for each one. Once you address the important things, you can enjoy downtime without worrying about neglecting anything.

7. Learn Effective Communication

You can only get ahead or tell others what you need or expect if you have clear communication skills

Learn how to approach others and project your ideas and feelings. This skill will help you tremendously as a student mom and throughout your life. 

It may also help to find a mentor to help you communicate and navigate life as a student mom.


With practice and some learned skills, you can breeze through and achieve personal and professional goals over time.  It may be difficult to master these skills at first, but it’s definitely worth it.

Over time, you’ll notice that daily life becomes much easier, and you have a higher degree of satisfaction with life as a mom and student.

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