7 Tips for Stressed-Out Moms


Let’s be honest. Most moms are stressed out. Whether you’re married, single or somewhere in between, taking care of your kiddos is hard work! Raising them right really does take a village. Yet, very few women have access to resources and people that can help. 

When screaming kids, dirty diapers and daily to-dos become too much to handle alone, it’s easy to succumb to the stress. You stop taking care of yourself. You get sick, weak and tired and, eventually, all the built-up anxiety and tension begins to affect your role as a mother. Perhaps you become more irritable and your little ones start avoiding you. Or maybe you frequently retreat to the bathroom just to get away from it all. 

However stress shows up in your life, it’s important that you find ways to manage it so you can take better care of yourself — and your family. Use the tips below to find some relief, chill out and reclaim your sanity. 

1. Recognize Stress Responses

Rising blood pressure, a high heart rate, impatience and irritability are common signs that you’re experiencing stress. Some moms may even sense the tension in their neck, shoulders, jaw or their entire body. Recognizing these bodily stress responses will help you identify triggers so you can curb your overload mode and stay calm. Practice awareness by making a note each time you act out. Were there physical warning signs in the seconds and minutes leading up to your behavior? 

2. Take Five and Circle Back

It might not be possible to step away for an hour and take the break you feel you need and deserve. But right now, when your kid’s pushed your last button, it’s totally acceptable to take five minutes to yourself. Send both yourself and your child to time out and regain your composure. Stress can often masquerade as anger. How can you resolve the situation peacefully? Finding an amicable resolution will minimize stress both now and later when you reflect on the interaction. 

3. Try Deep Breathing or Meditation

Sometimes, simply walking away from a situation isn’t enough to regain a level head. Perhaps taking a few deep breaths would help you see things more clearly. Calm your beating heart and ease your mind by focusing your attention on your inhales and exhales. Slowly try to lengthen each one as you release the tension in your face, neck, shoulders and jaw. Practicing rhythmic breathing or meditation can reduce stress and even migraine headaches. Even a few minutes can produce noticeable effects. 

4. Connect with Other Moms

Moms have got each other’s backs, especially when it comes to relieving stress. Whether you need a friend who’ll remind you to take a rest day or someone you can confide in, there’s someone out there to lend a hand and cheer you on. Join an online group for moms who are struggling with maternal stress or reach out to an old friend with children. You’d be surprised how much you have in common. 

5. Start Journaling 

Maybe you’ve tried and failed to keep a diary and are unsure about the whole journaling craze.  

Well, what’s the harm in trying again? If nothing else, you’ll make one solid journal entry, but we’re willing to bet you’ll get so much more than writing on a page. Putting your thoughts down on paper can help you explore emotions, hash out problems and come up with solutions. All in all, it’s a proven stress reliever and certainly worth a shot. 

6. Make Time for Movement

Exercise is literally meditation in motion. Think about it. When you’re in the middle of an intense game of tennis, you often forget the day’s irritations and enter a flow-like state of movement. You can say the same thing about shooting hoops, dancing, hiking or practically any other physical activity. That’s because exercise pumps up endorphins to relieve stress and improve your mood. So get your flow on and enjoy a few minutes of yoga, dance or cartwheeling. Invite the kids to join in the fun. 

7. Get Outside

Speaking of movement, why not take things outside and shake off stress in the great outdoors? Even as little as 10 minutes in a natural space can lessen the effects of both physical and mental stress. Lace up your boots and take a hike around the neighborhood or, better yet, the nearest park. By the time you get back home, your blood pressure and heart rate will be lower and, odds are you’ll be happier, too!

Be Intentional About Stress Relief

The next time stress and anxiety creep in, try one of the techniques above. Find a solution that works for you and stick with it, whether it be texting a fellow mom about parenting woes or taking a breather when your kid’s throwing a fit. 

Each mama has her own coping mechanisms and stress relief tactics, so take some time to develop your own. Then, work them into your routine so you can intentionally put yourself first, relieve recurring stress and pour into your kids from a full cup. The more you take care of your own mental and physical health, the better — and more chill — of a mom you’ll be.

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