What You Need to Know About Your Skin This Summer


As summer approaches, there is so much to be excited about, whether that’s family vacations or a chance to lounge by the pool. However, you still want to be taking care of yourself, especially your skin. So, here are a few tips to add to your skincare routine this summer. 

1. Wear Sunscreen 

Sunscreen blocks ultraviolet radiation and prevents sunburn and skin cancer. The light can also cause your skin to age faster. So, before heading out the door, slather on some sunscreen. Remember to get your lips as well. 

It’s essential to apply whenever you’re out in the sun, even during winter. Try to look for a product with lip protection, at least SPF 30 and is water-resistant.  

2. Remember to Moisturize 

The summer heat can dehydrate your skin, so you want to keep it moisturized. If your skin is too oily, this may be a sign to moisturize more often. You want to do this at least twice a day. Also, look for products with an SPF for extra sun protection.

Here are some of the benefits of moisturizing daily:

  • It prevents and heals dryness.
  • It reduces fine lines and wrinkles.
  • It can help fight acne.
  • It can soothe your skin.

3. Try to Wear Less Makeup

When it’s hotter out, your makeup can start to feel heavier. Plus, with the sweat, your mascara may come off easier. So, try to wear fewer products and showcase your natural beauty this season. Also, it may be more convenient if you do a bunch of water activities. 

Keep in mind that too much makeup can clog your pores, lead to dry or oily skin and cause premature aging. Mascara can also irritate your eyes by clogging glands under your eyelids. 

4. Buy Makeup With SPF

This can prevent you from needing to reapply sunscreen over your makeup. So, find moisturizers that are tinted, lightweight and have a strong SPF rating. Also, find ones with broad-band spectrum powder for better protection. 

However, you still want to wear sunscreen, the powder should just be an extra layer. Make sure to follow the directions on the label carefully. To find these specific products, look at brands such as bareMinerals or Estée Lauder. 

5. Exfoliate Weekly

Sunscreen and sweat can harm your pores, so exfoliation is essential. It can help unclog pores and reduce blemishes. Plus, it helps remove debris from dirt and oily skin. Although, keep exfoliation to a minimum throughout the week and don’t do it if sunburned. If you do it too much, your skin can get tight and cracked. 

You can use either manual or chemical exfoliation. However, avoid mechanical exfoliation for dry skin and use Glycolic acid instead. For sensitive skin, also avoid manual exfoliation and rubbing. Instead, use a mild chemical exfoliator with a gentle washcloth.

6. Consider Self-Tanning

While a natural tan can make you look more attractive, it can be harmful to your skin. The ultraviolet light can lead to irritation and potential skin cancers. Instead, try using a self-tanner to get the same glow safely.  Continue to reapply it daily until you get the desired look. 

Here are a few tips to keep in mind if you’re a beginner:

  • Exfoliate the day before.
  • Remove any body hair the day before.
  • Avoid wearing any deodorants and perfume.
  • Moisturize right before tanning.
  • Allow your tan to dry before getting dressed.

7. Accessorize Your Wardrobe to Protect Against the Sun 

You can do more than wear sunscreen to protect against sun rays. Add some stylish accessories, like a wide-brimmed hat or sunglasses. You want to look for a pair of sunglasses that block at least 99% of both UV-A and UV-B rays. Also, go for wrap-around frames to prevent UV exposure from the sides. 

When shopping for clothes, look for dark hues with woven fabric. These colors, like blacks, are also easier to match with most outfits. 

8. Add Antioxidants to Your Routine

Antioxidants can help replenish your skin. They also protect your skin from external damage and boost collagen levels. Add an antioxidant serum, such as ones by SkinCeuticals, into your skincare routine. Another strategy is to incorporate antioxidants into your diet. These include things like citrus fruits, leafy vegetables and green tea. 

9. Keep Your Skin Hydrated 

Hydration is essential during the summer months. Use a hydrating face mask at night after you wash your face. Also, splash water onto your face throughout the day, especially after exercising. 

Also, drink plenty of water to rejuvenate your skin and flush out toxins. You want to drink at least two liters of water a day. Other tips include limiting hot showers and using gentle soaps and cosmetics. 

10. Eat Seasonal Produce

Eating light vegetables like salads and cucumbers can help your body stay cool. You can also enjoy seasonal fruits like watermelons. These also are important in a healthy diet by lowering blood pressure and reducing the risk of heart disease. 

Here are more summer fruits and veggies to enjoy:

  • Berries
  • Squatch 
  • Corn 
  • Cantaloupe
  • Tomatoes 

How to Take Care of Your Skin This Summer

During the summer, your skin is exposed to sunlight which causes it to become dry. So, you need to enhance your beauty routine to keep your face rejuvenated. Follow these tips to keep your skin looking fresh all summer long. 

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