7 Simple Ways You Can Help the Environment


In the United States, the average person has a carbon footprint of about 16 tons, which is one of the highest rates in the world. While it may not seem like you can do much to improve the environment on your own, you can make a difference by making a few simple changes to your life!

Do you want to learn more about how you can do your part to help the environment? 

Keep reading this guide for seven simple things that you can do your part to prevent climate change and protect the environment!

1. Lower Your Consumption

One of the most important things you can do to go green is to lower your consumption. It is easy to collect things that we don’t need, especially if they seem like they can be useful in the future!

For example, many people take samples or buy things that are on clearance because it seems like too good of a deal to pass up. 

However, these things will often clutter your home and eventually end up in the garbage. Finding ways to avoid these non-essential products can help you protect the environment! Reducing the number of things in your home will help you stay clutter-free while doing your part to save the planet. 

2. Make Swaps to Reusable Products

In today’s world, one of the biggest contributors to climate change is single-use products. Whether you get plastic grocery bags when you go shopping or if you get disposable bottles and paper when you go out to eat, all of these things will end up in a landfill. 

Many single-use plastics take decades to decompose and will often end up impacting the quality of our soil, oceans, and more. 

Instead of using single-use products, it is best to choose reusable options when possible. For example, changing to a reusable water bottle rather than using plastic can help you lower the amount of garbage that you send to the landfill each week. 

3. Find Ways to Upcycle

Not only can you protect the planet by recycling, but you can find ways to upcycle many different items. Whether you shop second-hand or simply repurpose things around your home, you can change things from trash into treasure. 

Upcycling things around your home will keep many things out of the trash and landfill, which will significantly lower your carbon footprint. 

Plus, it keeps you from having to buy new things. Many products that you could buy in stores require a lot of resources to create. By upcycling products and creating things you love, you will save the earth’s resources and conserve energy at the same time!

4. Support Environmentally-Friendly Businesses

Something that can greatly impact your carbon footprint is the type of business that you support. 

As a consumer, you need to use your purchasing power for good. Rather than just buying your products where it is convenient, you should use your money as a way to support environmentally-friendly businesses. 

It is best to support businesses that prioritize environmental sustainability efforts, like using renewable energy sources and preventing waste when possible. 

Similarly, you can help the environment when you buy from local businesses!

If you want to support an eco-friendly business, we can help! If you want carbon removed from the atmosphere, our direct air capture technology can help!

5. Conserve Water

Another way you can avoid waste as an individual is by using less water. On average, each American uses 82 gallons of water every day in their homes. Installing appliances and fixtures that are water-efficient can help us use 20% less water. 

You can also start by being conscious of the times that you consume water. For example, you may notice that you leave your faucet running when you brush your teeth. Turning off the tap can save gallons of water!

You can also try to avoid using your water-dependant appliances, like your dishwasher or washing machine, unless it is necessary. 

6. Learn to Conserve Electricity

Learning how to conserve electricity is another effective way that you can lower your carbon footprint and protect the environment. While it may require you to make a conscious decision when you first start, you can easily build habits that will conserve electricity. 

For example, rather than buying incandescent bulbs for your overhead lights and lamps, you can invest in energy-efficient LED lights. These lights use much less energy and will last for years longer than other bulbs. 

Another easy way you can conserve energy is to use a smart thermostat or a thermostat that you can program. This way, you will not waste energy heating or cooling your home when you are away. You can also save money on your heating and cooling costs by improving the insulation in your home and sealing air leaks in your doors and windows. 

7. Educate Others

Finally, you can educate others. While you can make a difference on your own, you can also encourage others to make simple changes to their daily habits. The more people are aware of their impact on the environment, the more they can do to prevent climate change. 

Whether you share environmentally-friendly tips on social media or encourage your friends to make eco-friendly swaps to their daily routines, you can help other people understand the importance of protecting the planet. 

Learn How to Help the Environment Today

Going green doesn’t have to be a complete life change. Making simple changes to your habits will allow you to do your part to help the environment. 

If you want to start saving the planet, we can help! Our website features articles on technology, food, and travel and can help you make the best choices for the environment. 

Check out our blog today for everything you need to know about helping the environment!

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