7 Signs Your Newborn Has Sensitive Skin


Little children who are recently born are more susceptible to sensitive skin than others. When they are inside the Utero, they are surrounded by moisture. This keeps the baby warm. But after their birth, the exposure to the outside world can leave harsh effects on their soft skin. Also, these babies are still developing skin. So, their skin is much more sensitive than others. That is why essential oil for baby allergies can work well on them. But make sure you consult a health expert before putting essential oil on them. This is done to ensure maximum safety. 

1. Dry Skin 

The most common way to spot if your baby has sensitive skin is to find if their skin gets dry quickly. Sometimes, this may be due to the use of heavily scented baby products. So, be careful of the products you use on your baby. You could also opt for a Dermatologist’s recommendation before using those products on your baby’s skin. You could also ask the Dermatologist about what essential oils are good for congestion in babies, so you can take additional precautions on time. Opt for gentle products that are specifically suited for your baby’s sensitive skin. Also, make sure your baby is well-moisturized after a shower to avoid the effects of dry skin. 

2. Diaper Rash 

Diaper rashes are very common in little children. But for some babies with sensitive skin, it may be more frequent than normal. This can cause intense discomfort to the baby and itching, leaving them crying throughout the day. It can also leave them with a burning sensation and constant pain. Red bumps may also be indicative of their diaper rash. The most common reasons for these rashes are urine and the feces of the babies. So, if you realize that your baby is wearing a soiled diaper, remove it instantly. Change their diaper and help them feel fresh. Also, make sure you wipe off their urine and feces properly to leave no room for diaper rashes. 

3. Redness

In many babies, it is common to spot redness. This is complementary to dryness, so make sure you speak to your baby’s Dermatologist about it. However, changes in the temperature and wind can be some of the main causes of this redness on your baby’s sensitive skin. The friction that occurs from clothing your baby could also cause redness. So, start by identifying what causes this redness on your baby’s body. Once you have found the cause, stop using that on your baby. Also, inform the Dermatologist about it so they can tell you about the precautions to take respectively. Some babies may even develop redness around their mouths due to drooling. So, if you see your baby drool, make sure you wipe it off immediately. 

4. Baby Acne 

Yes, even little children who are newborns can be susceptible to acne. This can happen due to many reasons. The acne that occurs on their skin looks like small bumps of Red or White color. They may spread over your baby’s forehead, nose, and even cheeks. Although it generally goes away on its own, we recommend you to speak to your Dermatologist for immediate relief. This could help reduce the triggers that caused it in the first place. 

5. Papular Urticaria

Red itchy bumps that are a bit more severe than acne on your baby’s skin are called Papular Urticaria. This may be a reaction due to an insect bite that can cause constant itchiness on your baby’s tiny body. It may even end up causing blisters on your baby’s skin that can cause them discomfort. Since their skin is vulnerable, Papular Urticaria can take a quick toll on them. So, take necessary precautions to provide them with immediate relief as per your Dermatologist’s recommendations. 

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6. Eczema

A common skin condition makes your baby’s face look red. This is known as Eczema. They may also start to look very weepy. In babies, Eczema may occur on their face and scalp as well. So, you need to be careful. If the condition is left untreated for long, it can also spread to your baby’s legs and elbows and cause additional pain and discomfort to them. 

7. White Bumps

White bumps may be very small, but they can instantly fill your baby’s face with acne. They generally occur on the cheeks and nose of your baby. They look like pimples and take one or two months to heal. But we will advise you not to experiment with removing the White bumps with any home remedy you think might work. It is best to consult a Dermatologist in this condition to avoid triggering their sensitive skin. 

When To Consult A Doctor?

Babies can get rashes easily. In fact, all of the triggers can increase their risk of sensitive skin. So, if you start noticing Red bumps on your baby’s skin or ones that look like blisters, please consult your doctor at the earliest. If your baby’s skin is oozing pus or is constantly itching, then also you should not avoid consulting the doctor on time. 

Make sure you inform the doctor about the entire health problem your baby might be facing. Also, let them know about a trigger you might have identified that could be resulting in such triggers. They will eventually provide comprehensive treatment to your baby’s sensitive skin accordingly. This way, you can say goodbye to all their allergies on time. 

Ending Note

The reason for sensitive skin could be endless. Sometimes even environmental factors, genetic factors, and chemical stresses could result in their sensitive skin. But leaving them untreated for long can worsen their condition. So, take necessary actions while you have the time. 

We also recommend not to use chemical detergent on your baby’s clothing. This could also be one primary reason to trigger their sensitive skin. Apart from this, be careful when you are bathing them and the material of clothes your baby is wearing. In most cases, you should only dress your baby up in Cotton as that is the most comfortable material for them.

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