7 Gifts to Give Your Daughter on Her Wedding Day That She’ll Cherish


There were over 1.2 million weddings in the US last year, and we can expect to see at least one million more this year!

Whether your daughter is having an extravagant wedding or a small gathering, it’s important to make her feel special on her big day. Giving her the perfect gift is a great way to show her how much you care–and give her the perfect wedding memento.

When it comes to gifts to give your daughter on her wedding day, there are tons of options out there. Selecting the perfect gift can get a little bit overwhelming.

That’s why we’ve narrowed it down to seven incredible wedding gift ideas from Mom and Dad to their daughter. Read on for ideas and inspiration. 

1. A Dedicated Day That Doubles as a Guest Book

We’re going to start with our absolute favorite item on the list. This perfect wedding gift packs a triple punch, and it all starts with registering your daughter’s wedding day as an official, dedicated, annual event.

Once you dedicate a day to your daughter (we do suggest selecting the actual day of the wedding), you’ll receive a commemorative certificate of ownership. This beautiful certificate can be placed on the reception table on the day of the wedding so that guests can sign it and leave a few words of kindness and love. Then, you can have the certificate framed so that it makes a gorgeous wall hanging your daughter can display for years to come!

2. A Personalized Handkerchief Set

Handkerchiefs can seem a little old-fashioned nowadays, and few youngsters own their own set. However, having a handkerchief handy on the day of her wedding–after all, there will be tears–is something your daughter will greatly appreciate!

To make this gift even more special, have the handkerchief embroidered with your daughter’s name and a significant image or message. That way, when she carries it with her, she’ll have a little piece of your heart right there in her pocket or purse.

3. Wedding Day Jewelry

It’s not uncommon for the mother of the bride to handle the picking out of wedding jewelry, especially if there are any heirloom pieces that can be passed down. If your daughter doesn’t already have, for example, earrings, a necklace, or a hairpiece picked out, surprising her with gorgeous jewelry the day of makes a great gift.

Plus, if it is heirloom jewelry, it can be her “something old!” If it’s a piece of brand new jewelry, it can be her “something new!” 

4. Personalized Throw Pillows

The first several gifts on our list are designed to be useful the day of the wedding, but what about something your daughter can take home and enjoy afterward? Personalized throw pillows make a great addition to any couch or bed–and they make a wonderful wedding memento.

You can have throw pillows personalized with just about anything nowadays. However, we suggest having the pillows personalized with the lyrics of your daughter and her husband’s first dance song. Then, you can overlay the lyrics with their wedding date, their names, or any other sentimental details you want to include.

5. Bridal Pajama Set

Weddings are a ton of fun but that doesn’t mean that they don’t come without a good deal of stress, too. Getting a good night’s sleep the night before the wedding is crucial for your daughter! This gift can help make that happen!

Purchase a pajama set, preferably one that’s cute or elegant and seasonally appropriate. (In other words, flannel is good for the winter, but not so much for summer!) Then, have the collar or pocket embroidered with “Bride to Be” or “Mrs. + your daughter’s soon-to-be last name.” 

6. Custom Bridal Art

When you head to online marketplaces like Etsy, you can find tons of artists who are available for commission pieces. This makes it easier than ever to not only create custom art but to find an artist that fits your daughter’s style perfectly.

Some sweet custom bridal art ideas include:

  • Cameos of the bridge and groom
  • Pictures of the bride and mother of the bride
  • Pictures of the bride and the father of the bride
  • Pictures of the bride and groom’s pets
  • Pictures of the bride and groom’s home or other hometown art

No matter what subject you choose for your custom bridal art, your daughter will love having a unique piece of art of her own!

7. A Personalized Recipe Book

Last but not least, we’ve arrived at our final gift to give your daughter on her wedding day. If cooking has always been a big part of your life (and subsequently your daughter’s upbringing), she’ll absolutely adore this gift.

Compile all of the recipes that are unique to your family or that your daughter loves. (If you want, you can collaborate with the groom’s parents to do the same for him.) Then, put it all together in a stylish, durable binding–we recommend engraved wood or embossed leather!

Don’t Miss Out on These Gifts to Give Your Daughter on Her Wedding Day

When you’re getting ready for your daughter’s wedding day, there’s a lot going on. Trying to select the perfect gifts to give your daughter on her wedding day–on top of everything else you’re already taking care of–isn’t always easy! We hope that this list has given you some great ideas and inspiration for the perfect gift for her big day!

Are you looking for more ways to score parenting points? Do you need advice and moral support while you get ready to give your daughter away in marriage? Take a look at more of our content for great mom tips!

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