7 Fragrance Hacks to Smell Amazing


Perfume is like a personal magic; it is a first impression and often, a lasting recollection. A perfume is something which is invisible and yet an unforgettable accessory. In our daily hectic lives, smothered with sweat-stained hustle and bustle, we know how relevant is the saying that, ‘to smell good is to feel good.’

1. Inside Out?

Often, expensive perfumes are placed upon the dressing table close to a window or in the bathroom where one mostly gets the hair and make-up done to set out for the day. But heat, moisture and light play a very damaging role with regards to your perfume that may result in altering the scent or reducing its longevity. Shaded and cool places provide nice alternatives which would be suitable for your scents.

2. Moisture Lock

Perfumes tend to lose their odor sooner when sprayed on dry skin. Hence, make sure to apply a non-scented moisturizer or sunscreen on your skin before spritzing your favorite perfume, for the moisture will lock in the fragrance even after the top notes of the scent has faded and retain the smell for a longer period of time.

3. Clock Your Fragrance Lock

In order to make sure that your fragrance lasts longer, make sure you time it right. The best time for spritzing your favorite perfume is right after the shower. Your body moisture locks in the scent and gives it optimum longevity throughout the day, making you feel super-fresh and divine.

4. Push It on The Pulse

This is one of the most important tips to make your spray last longer. Spritzing your signature cologne on areas like the wrists, the folds of your arm, below the midriff, on your neck right beneath the hairline and on warm areas like the back of your calves and ankles helps to intensify the scents (courtesy- your body heat and moisture) and spraying on the lower halves of the body ensures that the scent will rise up and retain its longevity throughout the day.

5. Don’t Rub It In!

Unlike the popular notion, do not rub your wrists together after spritzing your perfume on them in order to intensify the smell. It has the very opposite effect, for the friction from the rubbing ensures that the top note of the scent fades away faster. Knowing that all of us work rush-hours in our daily lives, you can dab your wrists to make the cologne dry faster instead of rubbing but even then, it is more preferable that you let it dry naturally for the best effect.

6. Let the Air Do the Work

You work hard enough all day already. So why put in more effort to smell divine all over, all day? Spritz your cologne in the air and walk through the fragrant mist, emerging like the divine-scented diva that you are in just a matter of few moments. This tip also helps for the times you want to wear a light but lasting scent instead of wearing a stronger cologne.

7. Pick and Pocket It

In order to pull off a lasting fragrance for the day, spray your favorite perfume on little cotton balls or swabs and store it in sandwich/ little ziplock bags and keep them in your pockets or handbags for little touch-ups throughout the day. This will enable you to smell your best and stay refreshed all day.

Spending big bucks on your perfume is meaningless if you don’t make the most out of it. And after all is said and done, your perfume defines you. Fragrance is all about trying to convey emotion and hence it is imperative that you choose the right perfume suited to your unique identity when you go out perfume shopping. It is important that you take your time while choosing the perfect perfume for yourself for after the first spritz on your writs. The first smell that arises is that of the top note that fades away in a few minutes. Hence for best results, wait for the perfume to dry out before taking a sniff cause that is the scent that’ll linger on to you for the rest of the day, making you smell your best.

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