7 Everyday Activities You Should Add to Your Child’s Routine


Kids are always on the lookout for ways they could have fun. Their lives become mundane when they only go to school at the regular time and come home only to study a little or watch some TV. This is why parents need to step up and make the lives of their kids a little more fun. There are plenty of activities they can add to their schedules to make sure their kids are happy and healthy.

Although there is a long list of tasks to choose from after careful analyzation, we have shortlisted a few tasks that would definitely make your child’s life more entertaining.

Arts and Craft

Kids love to dirty the walls and floors at home with markers or crayons. While we call it a mess; they call it art. Allot 1 hour at least of your kids time to drawing and coloring so that they can vent out their emotions while having fun. Crafting skills will help your child self-dependent when they grow up and have to make projects for their school or the likes.  This will improve their art skills and enhance creativity without the sacrifice of your tiles or wallpapers.

Riding Cycles (And others)

Nowadays it is a common trend for kids to go out in the evening to a park or on the streets riding their cycles or scooter. In our opinion, exposure to fresh air while exercising your body a little will definitely have a positive effect on the child’s body. They can also go with their friends and have small contests such as races. Be sure they have their safety gear on at all times as well.     

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Swimming Classes

Swimming is an activity can amp up your child’s stamina and keeps them busy. Enroll your kids into swimming classes after school so that they can enjoy in the water with their friends and burn out all their energy at once so they can be calm, collected and level headed at home.

Being able to swim means that you generally become more athletic which will surely help a kid stay more active in school. A healthy body would be better for children when they are studying as well.

Board Games

Playing good old board games such as chess, scrabble or monopoly with family is surely a task that should be a part of your child’s routine. They are peaceful games which do not require any kind of hectic arrangement, and they are fun for the whole family. Not only do they entertain you, but they also help kids become more cunning and smart. You can easily purchase your favorite games at a good rate. This category can also include card games such as trump and Uno. Trump is an even better option as you can play multiple things with the same 52 cards.


Books are person’s best friend no matter what genre they read or how old they are. Make sure to purchase a lot of books for your kids by their choice which can be a picture book or reading books. They will always keep themselves busy with reading. Make sure they regularly visit a library or bookstore as well, so they never run out of stock.

This helps them stay focused on their studies and makes their speech and vocabulary better. They will speak less and think more. They will also have a more vivid imagination. Another option is also to get them used to improving their listening skills.

Group games with friends


Being in a neighborhood where there is space to play outside and you have friends around is an opportunity not meant to be wasted. Keep your child accompanied by friends and have them play a basic game such as tag or hide and seek in your backyard or a nearby park. Invite all the kids occasionally for snacks and drinks so that they can take a breather and enjoy chatting with their friends.

Your kids stay happy and busy while you can relax and sip some tea at home at ease.

Making collections

A very important part of your childhood is to make collections of various random objects such as stamps, coins or even rocks. Encourage your children to go outside of the home and find things to add to their collections. This will help him, or she become more devoted, and they will stay more alert to their surroundings.

Sometimes bring a few articles to add to your kid’s collection. This will make them happy and they will stay busy. In fact, it is better to spread this object randomly around the house making a scavenger hunt for your kids.   

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Lara Stewart is a fitness expert and gym owner. She is obsessed with physical health as well as healthy eating. She has in-depth knowledge about the fitness needs of the body and how one can stay healthy on a budget. She regularly posts at Scooter Scouter.

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5 years ago

Nice blog. Each activity describe here is extremely important for child grooming, health, and development.

Essays Chief
4 years ago

The post is good. The article tells you about the 7 everyday activities you should add to your child’s routine. The lives of kids will become boring when they follow the same things every day. So parents should make the lives of kids more entertaining. There are many activities they can plan to ensure their kids are pleased and free from mundane.

4 years ago

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