7 Amazing “Just Because” Gift Ideas That Won’t Burn a Hole in Your Pocket


People are amazing. We need them around. We need their unending support, love, and constant presence. There are some people we get so used to that we can’t do without them anymore. But as it’s with people, you don’t get until you give.

To gain love and support, you’d need to part with it too. You’d need to stand there like a pillar doing all you can to justify relationships. One of the best ways to do it is by giving away “just because” gifts. These are those kinds of gifts that don’t need reasons. There are no special days. There aren’t any occasions. But then, you can’t be breaking your bank lockers for these gifts. In fact, there’s no need to. Here are at least 7amazing “just because” gift ideas that won’t burn a hole in your pocket:


Most people like chocolates. Those that don’t can share them with others among family and friends. Chocolates are incredibly tasty, easy to pack and wrap while being easy on your pocket. Those little things make for perfect gifts for almost any occasion, and that includes:

Just because you are _______________

Just because you did _______________

You’d be stupefied at the collection of chocolates available for you to gift someone, just like that.

Personalized coffee mugs

Most of us are coffee addicts. Some others love tea. What can be better than sending over a particular kind of gift that makes your recipients remember us each time they down a cup of coffee? Personalized mugs aren’t exactly new and they have been in use for a while. You can, of course, send out personalized coffee mugs to people you like. The key is to personalize it right. So, instead of just printing photos or some random signs on the mugs, use creativity and add something else, like:

More than 4 billion people on planet. Yet, you stand out ”

It’s hard to get better than you. Go drink to that”

Personalize according to people

Now, as for gift ideas, you can think of anything from personalized whiskey barrels, wine, tabletops, personalized diaries, food bowls shaped like rowboats, and a host of other products. It’s not important as to what you select really.

What’s important, however, is that you’d need to pick the gifts depending on the person you are gifting to. So, you could gift an elastic exercise band for a health enthusiast and a whiskey barrel for someone who likes to wind down a day with a peg or two. You could present a passport cover to a travel enthusiast and a sleeve for a gadget for someone who loves to buy new stuff.

Little things matter

Since you want to send out gifts on a budget, focus on the little things that render themselves useful anyway. Think of bottle openers, unisex pendants, map coasters, fridge magnets, special collectors items, or specialist items such as wooden martini glasses, etc. There are certain things that your recipients come to love and appreciate, find out what they like and send out these little things that matter.

For those who travel

If someone you like travels a lot, there are many thoughtful products that make awesome “just because you love traveling gifts” and these will still not sting you financially. For instance, passport covers, travel card pouches, a scratch travel journal, a handy map, flavor infuser water bottle, self-pull cork screws, Swiss army knives, compass needles, travel charge banks, a toiletry bag, wallets, and plenty of other products are all great ideas for gifting to recipients who have itchy feet or wandering lust.

Giving couples a reason to fall in love

Most couples go through the motions of daily life, stress, work, children, home, and a host of other things. Assuming the person also has a spouse, it makes sense to address them both into your grand notion of making their day, forever. It’s times like these when you have to think in “twos”.

Thankfully, some things come in pairs. Think of these gift ideas when considering sending out gifts to couples: personalized pillows with their names on them (or add a line or two). Custom tools like scissors and personalized art. Create prints for couples and wall-hanging art. Matching jewelry sets also make for great gifts.

Universal gifts you can’t go wrong with

Consider this: most people use laptops and some kind of smartphone or the other. They are also likely to own tablets. Create personalized sleeves and covers for these gadgets and send them out to people you love. You’d achieve multiple things with these simple, universal gifts: sleeves and covers keep those expensive gadgets protected. They’d constantly remind them of you. You can personalize them at will and these gifts aren’t expensive at all. Some other gifts you can consider are electronic accessories, travel adapters, chargers, and other accessories that fit.

Of course, you can also consider other gifts like cookies, gift baskets, stuffed animals, candles, and many other items that go well for anyone in the world.

Showcase your intent. Display undying love or gratitude. Let people know that you care for them. Send out gifts just when they don’t expect to receive any. The fabric of human relationships is delicate and we ought to do what we can to keep those relationships alive. For business, this is good business. For people, it’s good karma.

No matter how you look at it, sending out gifts gives you happiness and lets others know that you care. Looking for inexpensive gifts isn’t about being cheap; it’s about being prudent, caring, creative, and sensible.

When was the last time you sent out a gift for someone just because you wanted to? Did you receive any gifts for whatever reason (or even the lack of it)? Share some of your best gift ideas.

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