6 Signs That Show Your Skin-Care Routine Needs a Makeover


Skin care routines don’t last forever. This means giving up the products you’ve used – products that you’ve grown used to. If you wonder whether or not your routine needs to be updated, fret not. Here are 6 signs that will show you whether or not you need to have a skin care makeover.

1. Breakouts Worsen

Let’s get the most obvious thing out of the way: if the skin-care treatment you use doesn’t work for you, it won’t work for you later. In the event that your skin gets worse when using a product, look at its active ingredient – then look up whether or not irritation and redness is a part of the treatment. (Vitamin A, for example, usually produces redness/irritation – because it’s part of the process.) All-natural products like aloe vera, organic honey and coconut/almond oil sooth irritation.

2. Discomfort

No product on the market should cause you pain. Any time you experience pain, stinging or inflammation, stop using the product and throw it out, return it for a refund or give it to a friend. Burning sensations that last more than 48 hours is a big sign that your skin is reacting unfavorably to the treatment.

3. Excessive Dryness

Dry skin is genetic and can’t be helped. This happens when people clean excessively and constantly strip oil. Extreme dryness can also be a result of a poor diet or a dry environment. There are a lot of factors at play – such as alcohol or acid-based products. Hyaluronic acid and ceramides are two moisturizing ingredients that can help prevent dryness. It’s also wise to avoid over-exfoliating your skin, which strips your skin’s acid mantle and leads to dryness and even dark spots.

4. Lumps

Having a breakout or two when you start a new skincare product is normal. This is because your skin takes a significant amount of time (typically two weeks) to get used to the new product. The time to start worrying about the product you’re using is if things don’t clear up. If you see lumps or a zit or two that don’t leave, look for lighter water-based formulas.

5. Balance

Since genetics determines dry and oily skin, they can’t be helped. However, using the wrong product can make things worse for your skin: and actually, over-dry your skin. Sebum (which hydrates your skin) production will be messed with, and hydrate your skin making it look greasier than a pizza. The key is to not over-treat your skin by trying to remove every inch of oil you see. Look for natural pH-balancing ingredients, such as Vitamin C Moisturizer. Clay is another ingredient that will absorb excess grease without drying out your skin.

6. Photosensitivity

AHA and benzoyl peroxide are two ingredients that can make your skin more sensitive to the sun. This sensitivity can result in more than pain: it can actually ruin your skin. Products that contain these two ingredients must be used with caution: as everybody responds to ingredients differently. If you cannot live without the product, use it during days you plan to stay indoors – or use it at night.


Skin typically has bad reactions to new products. This is because our skin is adapting to the new skincare routine. Spot treatments usually take ten days to bust a pimple. Taking care of dark spots may take up to a month or more. Whatever you are pursuing, be sure to exercise patience. New exfoliating products usually take more than a week or two for you to see results.

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