6 Refreshing Honey Mead Cocktails You Can Prepare At Home


Mead is an ancient drink made by fermenting honey and water. It’s light, refreshing, and perfect for summertime sipping. But what if you want to jazz up your mead a bit? Here are six of the best honey mead cocktails to help you do just that. Cheers!


If you’re looking for a honey mead cocktail that’ll make you feel like you’re sipping on sunshine, the Mead-a-Colada is just the thing! This yummy creation combines honey mead with pineapple and coconut for a sweet and tropical taste. Mix about 60 ml of mead with 45 ml of Lugger rum and add orange bitters with some ice in a shaker, giving it all a good shake. Take your favorite petite tumbler and grace it with ice cubes. Now pour your concoction into it and top it with tender coconut water (or sparkling coconut water). Garnish with a pineapple ring, and you’re done! A perfect way to kick off summer, this cocktail will surely be a crowd-pleaser.

Blackberry Mead-Fashioned 

Take your next cocktail party from classic to creative with the Blackberry Mead-Fashioned recipe. Imagine a gentle blend of flavors from the sweet honey mead, blackberries, and maple syrup, with a hint of citrus. To create this masterful concoction, start by muddling some fresh blackberries in a shaker then add in your honey mead, oaky bourbon whiskey, and just a touch of fiber-rich maple syrup to bring it all together. Serve over ice in an old-fashioned glass garnished with lemon wedges – it’s sure to impress any crowd!

Honey Mead Sangria 

Are you looking to spice up your next gathering with a unique drink? Look no further than Honey Mead Sangria, a delightful mixture of mead, white wine, honey simple syrup, and fruits. This recipe is sure to bring some new and exciting flavors to the table – perfect for any special occasion or just something out of the ordinary. Its sweet flavor profile and complexity shall smite you! Listen to your taste buds and let this delightful concoction tantalize them with each sip.

Mead Mimosa 

If you’re looking for a unique twist on the classic mimosa, then look no further than the mead mimosa. This fantastic libation is made by combining mead, a honey-based fermented beverage popular in medieval times, with champagne and a little citrus flavor to give it that special spark. The delicious combination creates a truly delightful drink that’s perfect for brunch or any other special ocassion. You may not be able to travel back to the Middle Ages but this mead mimosa recipe will certainly make you feel like you have!

Mead Highball 

Experience something new, for the honey mead connoisseur – a refreshingly delicious mead highball. This unique cocktail is made up of mead and tonic or other citrus elements that bring out the subtle flavors in the mead. An ideal summer beverage, this hybrid mash-up between a classic mead and a modern highball will be sure to delight your taste buds. All it takes to make this amazing concoction is a few easily accessible ingredients along with some skillful mixing. So come explore the possibilities in your very own kitchen and find out why this trendy mix is an increasingly popular choice amongst those who enjoy a good drink!


Get ready to become a hit at your next party with this zestfully sweet meaderita! This cocktail is simple, zesty, and worth buzzing about. Combining the sweet notes of honey mead with the acidity of fresh lime juice and the subtle spice of chipotle powder, you’ll have all your guests abuzz about this drink! Satisfy your inner mixologist and beekeeper by sipping on this tasty flavor blend.

So pick up some mead, turn on your favorite tunes, and let the party begin — you can say goodbye to boring parties and hello to glorious nights of drinks that the past would be proud of. The honey mead cocktails are a great way to make your mark as a modern host with historical ingredients, so don’t be afraid to get creative! Making these recipes from scratch takes a little more time than ordering from a menu, but with results this delicious, trust us, it’s worth it. Now go forth and make mead history!

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Thanks for the tread here, it is really interesting and helpful to me I would say. Do you think some of the cocktails you shared here can be paired with the gourmet pizza, for example? I really like it a lot, I have to say and I would like to try it with some drinks next time thanks