6 Essential Tips To Consider When Moving Interstate


It is advisable to hire an expert moving company when relocating Interstate. Understandably, you can’t just trust anyone to move your valuable belongings without taking a few factors into account.

  1. What Is The Level Of Experience The Company Can Offer?

This information is especially crucial when you have unique or priceless items that need to be moved.  The company must have the relevant experience in packing and transporting of such items.

  1. Obtaining A Transparent Quote

Make sure that you receive a comprehensive quote which contains no hidden fees. Does the quote make provision for insurance, storage and packing? Be sure to ask if any extras were included in the quote and always ensure that you know precisely what services are included in the price that you are paying.

  1. How Long Is The Transit Time?

Although, this question is not essential, it can be beneficial to obtain this information when planning your arrival time around the time of the delivery of your possessions, especially when moving to another state or over a long distance.

  1. Taking Out Insurance

Some of the risks associated with moving fall outside of the moving company’s control and safeguarding your possessions by taking out additional insurance can go a long way in making sure that you’re are covered in case of emergency or in the event of unforeseen losses when acquiring the services of Interstate removalists in Adelaide.

What Considerations Are Applicable When Taking Out Insurance?

  • Choosing insurance that covers aspects such as contents, replacement, indemnity and transit.
  • Compare quotes from several insurers for the same type of cover.
  • Always ensure that you’ve read through the terms and conditions and have a clear understanding of it before your big move and deciding on the right policy.
  • Ensure that the policy covers both damage and loss.
  • Find out if you’ll be liable for an excess amount when putting in a claim.
  • Does the plan cover the replacement value of your possessions?
  1. Considerations When Choosing The Right Moving Company
  • Are the costs based on the number of your belongings or the time it takes to move your goods?
  • Are the company a member of AFRA?
  • Are there any additional costs relating to storage, packing or unpacking or any other fees that may not be specified in the initial quote?
  • Do the company demand any upfront payments? (This is a definite red flag. Most reputable companies will require payment upon delivery).
  1. Considerations When Signing The Contract
  • The specifics relating to the service offered.
  • Are packing and unpacking included in the price?
  • Make sure that the company can guarantee delivery at the set place on the date required.
  • Double check the inventory list to ensure nothing is missing or moved from the list
  • Whether the company’s insurance cover any damages or losses incurred during transit.


When choosing a professional moving company to take care of your move, it is advisable to shop around and make a short list of the possible candidates. Compare quotes and make sure you have a clear understanding of what services are included in the price before making your final decision.

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