6 Efficient Ways to Renovate a Small Bathroom


When you have a small bathroom, renovation can be a tedious task because there is only so much you can do with the limited space. Therefore, it is important to know how to utilize the space that you have, in a better way. There are many ways you can add your own personal touches while renovating a small bathroom without even consulting a professional. Below are some tips to help you teach the same:

1. Add a Corner Sink

A pedestal sink can be a large addition for a small bathroom because it will give you trouble moving around more freely. Therefore, go for a corner sink that is away from the center of your shower door. This will help you navigate more effectively, without making your bathroom look even smaller. You can install a corner sink across from the toilet for the best results. It is important to look for comfortable options while choosing bathroom items and not go over your budget.

2. Buy a Shower Curtain

Another thing that you can try out is the use of shower curtain in place of a glass door. This saves additional space and can make way for additional people in the bathroom who don’t have to move awkwardly to avoid the closing and opening of the shower glass door. Your shower and tub combo don’t have to take much space too as there are tubs of various sizes available in the market with some coming in at about sixty inches in length.

3. Make Changes in the Vanity Position

Changing the position of the vanity can help your case too by freeing space for other items. You can also make your bathroom appear bigger than what its current size by using the vanity mirror correctly. The best solution for a smaller bathroom is to mount the vanity above the floor and to use a smaller table for the same. You can use a bigger mirror and position right in front the entrance if possible, to make your bathroom look bigger.

4. Change the Towel bar Position

Another way to make your smaller bathroom use more space is by changing the towel bar position. While many bathrooms have it on the wall, near the shower and tub, it is better to place it on the door to make space on the wall.  By doing this you can attach a small storage unit on the space left. If you have too many towels, use a linen closet for the extras and only keep one in the bathroom to dry off.

5. Use a Trough Sink

A trough sink is not only stylish with a modern construction but it will also free up a lot of space for you. This sink has a narrow structure and clean styling which makes it the perfect solution for small bathrooms. When it is positioned on the wall and mounted a little higher, it frees considerable space from the floor for other purposes like storage. Therefore, a trough sink will not only free space but will also make your bathroom look stylish and clean.

6. Make the Use of Mirrors

Mirrors when use effectively can give the illusion of your bathroom being bigger than what is actually is. This trick is used by everyone who wants to make their space look bigger and you can use it in your bathroom too! Install a large vanity mirror that occupies the entire wall. This will make your bathroom bigger and also enable multiple people to use your vanity at a time.

The above ways can make your smaller bathroom bigger and also keep in stylish enough to woo your guests.

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