Stain-Proof Salvation: Which Furniture Fabrics are the Most Durable?


Buying furniture for your home can be quite the investment.  I will never forget the first time my husband and I purchased our very first sofa set that wasn’t either used or a hand-me-down from family.  It really felt like an adult move.

We were kidless and petless then, and oh so naive on the beating couches can take when people actually sit on them.  I wish I had done more research on which furniture fabrics withstand toddlers and puppies and endless dinner parties.  If you are smarter than me and doing your research before your purchase, then this article is for you.

Read on for tips I have gathered on which fabrics and furniture are stain-proof, durable and able to withstand an active household.

1) Can’t Beat Nature

Without a doubt, the best investment you can make for high-quality, durable furniture is leather.  A well-made leather lounge suite will withstand nearly anything and come out looking brand new.

The leather is perfectly functional and comfortable, comes in a wide variety of colors and textures and it is easy to clean.  If you have pets or small children, choosing a distressed leather look is smart because scratches or blemishes will blend right in.  

2) Other Nature Winners

If the leather doesn’t suit your fancy, there are other natural fibers that will come in a close second place for durability.  Wool, velvet, and linen are all good choices for natural fabrics.  They will take a bit more maintenance and clean than leather, but with the right attention, the too can last years of love in your living room.

3) Synthetic Saviours

Technology has come a long way in creating quality synthetic fabric for furniture.  Engineered fabrics designed to look and feel like their natural counterparts can be even more durable than the real thing.

Synthetic fabrics such as solution dyed acrylics and Ultrasuede are the hero fabrics for some of the top interior designers.  In your quest for the best lounge, be sure to brush up on the latest in fabric technology.

4) Bring the Outdoors In

Another area of fabric where innovation and technology have really advanced is a fabric that can withstand outdoor or indoor conditions.  Initially, the research and development for outdoor furniture fabric were for just that – outdoors.  However, as the fabrics become more high quality and stylish and nearly bullet-proof, they are taking on a new purpose.

There is an upwards trend of using the highest quality indoor-outdoor fabrics for solely indoor purposes.  Imagine, a couch that is completely weatherproof means you can spill, well, pretty much anything on it, and it just beads up without a stain.  

5) One thing in Common

Whether you opt for a stunning natural leather, or a crazy durable outdoor sofa for your living room, all furniture has one thing in common;  maintenance.  Leading experts say it is imperative to vacuum your couches once a month to increase their lifespan.  The greatest area of wear and tear is simple dust particles and frequent movement.   

Choosing furniture can seem stressful, but it doesn’t have to be.  There are so many options, both natural and synthetic, that will ensure your purchase will withstand anything your home throws at it.  If you are worried about getting tired of a color or print, that is where throw pillows and blankets come in.  With a good maintenance routine for your furniture and a few different accent pillows available you are well on your way to long-lasting and always stylish furniture.

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