6 Best Scenic Winter Drives


As fall cools down and winter approaches, it’s time to start planning for a winter road trip. Winter may not be what many people have in mind when planning a road trip, but frosty forests, snowy peaks, and fewer crowds have their appeal.

So, whether you need to rent a car, make a few repairs on your own, or buy that new Honda for sale, prep your car for a winter wonderland drive.

California and Nevada: Lake Tahoe Loop

Snow-capped mountains and quaint towns make Lake Tahoe a great winter road trip destination. It’s charming, and you can participate in a plethora of winter sports while you’re there. Be aware of weather conditions before you go, to avoid heading out during a snowstorm or when roads are icy.

Colorado: Gunnison County

Gunnison County is well known for its dramatic landscapes, even in winter. It features steep cliffs that are unparalleled when dusted with snow. Towns like Crested Butte offer warm and cozy stops along the way. You can also snowshoe along the Black Canyon rim or participate in a geology talk.

Washington: Olympic Peninsula Loop

The Olympic Mountains are majestic. Frosted moss in the Hoh Rainforest and rugged, cold coastlines are enchanting to winter-weather lovers everywhere. Unique rock formations in the ocean and snowy pines on the slopes make this a gorgeous winter destination.

Alberta, Canada: Icefields Parkway

Canada also boasts some gorgeous winter scenery. Glaciers, frosty peaks, and frozen waterfalls and lakes are just a few of the captivating sights along this route. Some describe it as surreal. Bighorn sheep and elk tend to roam the area during winter, so drive carefully. If you visit between November and April you will need snow tires on your car; they are mandatory!

Massachusetts: Mohawk Trail

Full of New England charm, the 45-mile Mohawk Trail doesn’t disappoint. It was once a Native American trade route. It passes through the Berkshire Mountains, under covered bridges, and through white forests. There is also the chance to stop at the Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge. Consider stopping by Shelburne Falls, Williamstown, or North Adams, and be sure to enjoy the rural, historic charm of this spectacular drive.

New Mexico: Taos to Santa Fe

Northern New Mexico is a unique winter drive experience. The desert is extra serene sitting under a blanket of snow. Historic Taos features adobe architecture and Santa Fe is artsy and fun. You can look at ancient Pueblo ruins, and even stop and ski if that floats your boat. The route stops by the Chimayo Sanctuary, and several other adobe churches, as well as a hot springs.

Winter Wonder

If you’ve never considered a winter scenic road trip, it’s time to start planning one. Wintertime means fewer people and the chance to enjoy some of North America’s most beautiful landscapes in a different light and season. Just be sure to put on some snow tires, pack emergency food and water, and ensure that your vehicle is in proper condition before you head out on the road.

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