How to Prepare for the Unexpected Before It Happens


There’s a lot in life that you can’t plan for. It has been said that “the best-laid plans of mice and men go awry.” The year 2020 has dealt a lot of unexpected surprises, and you may be feeling exhausted from picking up all the pieces. Even though no one can truly predict the future, it’s best to plan ahead as much as possible.

Your preparedness might not be bulletproof, but you’re sure to find that life’s a lot easier if you ready yourself for the unexpected. For example, if you’re moving to Florida, it’s not a bad idea to do a quick search for “hurricane survival advice.” That way, if a huge storm is coming your way, you’re not scrambling to make preparations. Here are a few other ways to prepare for the unexpected before it happens.

Protect your purchases for the future.

Whenever you’re making an important purchase, you want to ensure that it’ll be useful for you and your family for years to come. Kitchen appliances can be particularly expensive, so safeguarding your pockets from the cost of future repairs isn’t a bad idea. Refrigerators are necessary and important appliances in your home, but they can malfunction if not installed properly.

If you’re thinking about purchasing a Sub-Zero fridge, you may one day need Sub-Zero refrigerator repair. Most people will recommend that you buy the Factory Certified installer option. That way, a trained—and liable—professional is being held responsible for correct installation. If a problem ever arises in the future, that same person can be called to make those repairs. You’ll already have a rapport with this repair person and they’re already familiar with your specific set up. This can make the repair process more streamlined.

Spending the money upfront for proper installation can save you in the long run. The majority of problems with Sub-Zero refrigerators can be boiled down to incorrect installation by the homeowner. Save yourself time, the headache of installation, and ultimately money by purchasing the Factory Certified installer option.

Budget for emergencies.

When emergencies happen, it can throw your whole life into a tizzy. However, if you have a specific budgeting category for emergency situations, it doesn’t have to throw your bank account for a loop. The hope is that if you start actually budgeting your money properly, occurrences that would have originally felt like emergencies will no longer influence your finances in that way.

For example, what if your cat or dog gets sick suddenly? If you have a fund specifically for veterinarian care, you won’t have to pull from that emergency fund. That being said, you should still absolutely have an emergency budget. If you can have a thousand dollars that’s just sitting there in your account for a truly rainy day, you’ll be prepared for unexpected expenses. That way, you’ll recover much more quickly from a troublesome event and can more easily move on with your life. If you put that money aside, you’ll know when something feels like a true emergency and when to pull that money out. Trust your gut.

Prepare yourself mentally.

Concern over the future can cause a lot of anxiety. Seeing a therapist in order to talk about the anxiety of the unknown can be immensely helpful when something actually comes up. Therapy teaches you coping mechanisms that help you handle stress in the present, so you don’t need to be so concerned about the future. Everyone can benefit from these strategies. A therapist can prepare for the unexpected by finding what works specifically for you and your needs. There are resources and people who want to help you with the unknown. You don’t need to go it alone.

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