5 Ways to Know If Your Teen is Growing Up Right


Every parent wonders if their teens are growing up into good, model citizens or if their teens are heading into the wrong direction. I don’t know any parent that doesn’t have at least some sort of concern or thought in the back of their mind about the way their teens are behaving and acting. Teenagers in today’s world are savvy, sharp minded, and have everything there is to know about everything at their fingertips or on their devices. With those things in mind the question that every parent wonders is if their teens are diving into drugs and going down a wrong path or are they doing the right things and staying away from that which would destroy their future. Here are several ways to know if your teenager is into drugs.

1. Watch their friends

Who do your teens hang out with? One of the greatest ways to find out if your teenager is into drugs is seeing whom they are drawn to and who they are being influenced by. Their friends are helping to shape and mold them into the person they will be and typically have far more respect from your teen then the respect you get. If your teenager is around smart people then they more than likely will be like smart people.

2. Look at what they enjoy

What do they enjoy watching, studying, or pursuing? You can tell where a person’s heart is just by observing what they are passionate about and what they research. If your teenager delights in watching movies and shows about debauchery then you know that their hearts are opposed to those things. If your teenager enjoys things that they should enjoy then it’s a great sign that they are on the right path.

3. Ask around

Ask the people around your teenager about how your teenager behaves. Coaches, pastors, and teachers are some of the greatest sources for information about your teen. Of course your teen will act a certain way around you and different around different people. But going to other people and asking them about your teen is a great way to learn about who they are becoming both in public and private.

4. Talk to your teen

One of the greatest follies of our time is that parents still underestimate their own teenagers. By and large we have missed out on the opportunity to engage in healthy and high level conversation with our teenagers because we don’t know if they are ready or if they would know how to respond to us. As we begin to engage our teens as adults and set an expectation of adult like conversations the tend to want to rise to the occasion. Find out how your teen thinks by engaging them in healthy conversation.

5. Spy on them

There are so many great gadgets and tools that allow us to monitor and track our teen’s movements and conversations. I’m so thankful that I chose Smith Monitoring as my home security company because their app allows me to see what goes on when my teen is at home alone. Smith Monitoring specializes in home alarm monitoring.I simply get onto my app and the cameras within the home stream on my phone and I can constantly be aware about what my teen is doing.

Author Bio: Ally is a writer, wife, youth mentor, and health nut. Follow her blogs for all the current trends on home, health, and family.

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