5 Ways Technology Has Changed Business Forever


There is no doubt that the rapid rise in technology has completely changed the way we work. Obviously, the internet has been the main driver in this change, and it shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. So, here are just some of the ways that the internet revolution has already transformed the way we work, as well as a few predictions for the future.

Robots Taking Our Jobs

5 Ways Technology Has Changed Business Forever

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In the last few years, in particular, more and more jobs have started to be taken by machines. Just think how normal it seems to go to the supermarket and pick up some groceries without actually having to be served by a human. Jobs with low skill levels are under the most immediate threat, but as robots advance, more and more workers may well find that they are no longer needed. This is one of the great challenges that will face countries around the world in the next few years.

An Office Can Be Anywhere

More and more people are choosing to work as freelancers or self-employed. Now that we carry around devices in our pocket that can access the internet from pretty much wherever you are, offices are no longer fixed to a single location. Cloud-based storage provides system-wide data disaster recovery so people are safe in the knowledge that their files are protected and can be accessed from anywhere. Ever-improving communication software means that you can send messages and even speak face to face with people on the other side of the world without a second thought!

Traditional Hours Are Changing

5 Ways Technology Has Changed Business Forever

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Dolly Parton sang about working 9 to 5 nearly 40 years ago now, but a lot of offices still seem stuck with this rigid timeframe. However, many are now starting to change to offer workers more of an opportunity to get their work done in their own time. As well as this, we live in a more global world, so 9 to 5 varies depending on which country you happen to be working from! On the flip side, many workers feel under more pressure to keep working after their usual day is done because they have devices that keep them connected to work at all hours of the day.

Shops Are Disappearing

5 Ways Technology Has Changed Business Forever

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For those that work in the retail sector, online sellers are slowly taking over which means that the way we buy things has changed forever. This change has meant that shops have had to be quick to adapt or have risked going under. Many stores now support their regular premises with an online service to make sure that they don’t miss out on a new generation of consumers who have always relied on the internet.

Competition is Fierce

The internet has made it extremely easy to set up a business, meaning that there is a higher level of competition than ever before. Companies have to keep finding new and innovative ways of standing out from the crowd or they are likely to disappear quickly.

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