5 Ways New Homeowners Can Secure Their Forever Homes


Buying your forever home is a major life milestone. However, some houses in the market may not come with sufficient security features that can protect you and your family. Avoid becoming a victim of over 4,500 home burglaries daily and protect your new home through the following methods:

Secure Your Doors

Change your door locks as soon as you can to make sure they are fresh and durable. This simultaneously gives you control over who has duplicates of your house keys. In addition, install a deadbolt. It can’t be tampered with by a hand tool or knife, and it’s resistant to battering and physical damage.

While you work on improving your door, consider using a video doorbell as well to check who’s outside before unlocking it. For night-time defense, make sure your door hinges are fastened securely and that your door can’t be unlocked from its mail slot, if it has any. Deploying the best door barricade product can also give you maximum resistance against attempted break-ins.

Don’t Forget About Your Windows

Windows are entry points, too. Check to see whether your window latches can sufficiently seal them shut. Otherwise, look into acquiring one of the different types of window locks:

  • Sash locks  used to open and hold shut double-hung windows.
  • Pin locks  commonly installed on first-floor windows to prevent outsiders from being lifted up.
  • Hinged wedge locks  allows you to limit how much a window can be opened.
  • Keyed locks  needs a key to lock and unlock your window.

Other alternatives include:

  • Applying a security film  absorbs the shock from direct impacts and keeps broken glass shards in place.
  • Adding window bars  prevents burglars from entering despite being able to break the glass.  
  • Placing glass break sensors  sets off an alarm to notify you of a security breach.


Install a Security System

There are home security systems for varying degrees of protection and budgets. Depending on your area you may consult local authorities to evaluate the overall safety of your home. Then, acquire a security system with features that cover any weak spots on your property. You can install it by yourself or schedule a professional installation from the security company.

Security systems come with the following benefits:

  • 24/7 Protection – smart devices and systems can operate continuously without requiring you to switch them on and off.
  • Virtual access anywhere – control your smart locks, security cameras, alarms, and more, even when you’re not at home.
  • Complex tracking – more intuitive systems can track entry points and suspicious behavior. An automated text message will likely alert you of cut phone lines or a loss of connection to the system. 

Some systems come with their own dedicated cameras. However, you can always purchase them separately, too. Modern models can be connected to a mobile application on your phone, allowing you to store and view real-time footage. Cameras may come with additional features including, cloud storage, night vision, motion detection, and weatherproof casing. 

Set Up Exterior Lights

Placing enough outdoor lighting throughout your property deters any burglars, vandals, and other criminals from intruding. Add lights on your front lawn, backyard, or garden, and along entryways. 

Choose from these popular options:

  • Solar-powered lights – can come in handy during blackouts where your property is at greater risk to intruders.
  • Motion-activated lights – startles intruders and temporarily illuminates the area, deterring criminals from proceeding further.

Other Tips

Home security preparations don’t stop after setting up precautionary measures across your property. Take the following additional steps to further guarantee your safety:

  • Get to know your neighbors – having a good relationship with your neighbors increases the overall safety of your entire neighborhood. At the end of the day, they can warn you of any suspicious activity you may have not noticed.
  • Value your privacy – close your curtains and blinds to prevent unwanted eyes from peaking in and targeting any valuables you have.
  • Trim your garden bushes – preventing overgrown shrubs minimizes any intruder’s potential hiding spaces.
  • Create an emergency plan – give children a set of phone numbers to contact in case of an emergency and coordinate with trusted family, friends, and neighbors a backup plan.

Stay Safe

Following these tips allows you to enjoy your new home with the added peace of mind knowing that you and your loved ones are safe. If implementing all these changes seems too costly at the same time, focus on one aspect and start improving your home’s security from there. Each one contributes to your overall protection in one way or another, and what’s important is that your get the best protection for your family.

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Daniel Tan
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