5 Tips to Find the Perfect Positioning for Your Coffee Table


Interior design can sometimes feel like a never ending professional project. But it doesn’t have to be a mystery that’s best left to designing women and men of the field. You too can conquer the look and feel of your space with these tips on finding the perfect positioning of your coffee table. It’s true that some seating arrangements can make it a bit more difficult to figure out where to put a coffee table. However, getting this focal point of the room right will do a lot to improve the traffic  flow, functionality, and visual appeal of the room. 

1. Size

It’s true, coffee tables come in a variety of shapes and sizes. And it’s a good thing too. Because the one size fits all option would leave a whole lot of people between a rock and a hard place design wise, having choices does a lot for deciding where and how to position a coffee table. Smaller spaces benefit from smaller coffee tables (something 48 inches or less). Larger spaces do better with something 58 inches or larger or two smaller coffee tables. Make sure that whatever size you choose for the space, that you keep it out of the flow of traffic. 

2. Centering

Ideally, a coffee table is placed in the center of the room. But if your living room or family room is adjacent to the kitchen or a corridor, placing it in the center of the room may cause more problems than it fixes. In these types of situations, it’s helpful to find the center of the seating area and work from there, rather than the actual center of the room. 

3. Sofa/Couch Position

Because a coffee table is meant to be a landing place for those who are seated in a living room, parlor or family room, it’s a good idea to have the coffee table within an arm’s reach of the couches, arm chairs or recliners. It should also be easily accessed by all of the seats. Positioning the coffee table about 15 to 19 inches from the couch is a good rule of thumb to go by to ensure that the table looks like a cohesive part of the space.

4. Chairs

Even a set of chairs can benefit from a coffee table. Round coffee tables tend to pair better with chairs than other shapes, but you may find that some non-traditional shapes also work very well. Centering the table between the chairs is usually the best management of the space. 

5. Recliners

Positioning a coffee table with a recliner can get a little tricky because reclining the seat often means needing to move the coffee table. Putting coffee tables at the end of reclining sofas or seats is a wise move. But it doesn’t do anything for someone seated in the middle of the sofa. To counter this, you could add a second smaller table near the center of the sofa.

Luckily, they’re usually pretty easy to move, so positioning your coffee table doesn’t mean that you have to get it right the first time. Wherever you decide to place your coffee table, as long as it works within the space, improves the functionality and allows you a design that you love, you succeeded. Remember, what works in one home may not work in another. So give yourself a little grace and pursue the look that’s perfect for you.

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Emma Sivewright
Emma Sivewright
1 month ago

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