5 Tips You Need to Take Advantage of to Increase Your Instagram Following


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Whether you are a business owner or you simply want to populate your personal Instagram – getting new followers isn’t an easy task. There is a lot to consider when it comes to populating Instagram and even though the likes of Rita Ora or Will Smith can get a huge following just because of their names – it will take you more effort. Whether you are a business owner or you use Instagram for personal use, have a look at the below tips if you’re looking to get new followers.

  • Take Advantage of Hashtags

It’s important you take advantage of hashtags when you are posting, as they are key to giving your posts the exposure they deserve. Inserting multiple hashtags with every new picture or video is always the way forward and that will ultimately give your posts a better chance of attracting new followers.

  • Find a Community

This is more of a useful tip for business owners, but if you have a personal interest in technology or beauty, you could also benefit from finding an Instagram community. Once you’ve found a community related to your interests, start building a following by looking at some of the popular hashtags members of the community often use – and you can then jump on the bandwagon to join them.

  • Regularly Share Videos

Instagram was just a picture-based app at one point, but with the introduction of new features that now allow videos to be shared, it has given account owners the chance to increase their following even further. Offer a bit of variety to your audience in pictures and videos and you’ll find you will get more exposure if you’re promoting the right hashtags.

  • Stay Active

It’s highly important you stay active on Instagram if you want new followers. Try and post at least a couple of times a day with multiple hashtags and you will see a regular growth in followers. If you miss out a few days at a time you will quickly see growth stops and sometimes, you may even see your follower count dwindle.

  • Strategic Posting Is Key

A lot of businesses and personal Instagram account owners have tons of followers because they post strategically. This means that at certain times of the day they share a picture or video because they know that’s the time most of their audience is going to be on Instagram. If you can get the timing right when you post, there’s nothing stopping you from getting thousands of Instagram followers. Michael Palance, for example, is an actor and producer and he has nearly 9,000 followers from only 150+ posts – and that’s because of strategic planning and sharing content his audience can benefit from.

It’s hard to start off from scratch with Instagram, but if you begin by following your friends and family, you will find that can go a long way in getting your account noticed. The above tips work for both personal and business account holders and whatever your reason for promotion, you can be sure the above tips will give you the best advantage of getting new followers.

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