Tutti Frutti Scented Modeling Dough for Hours of Fun


Mom, there isn’t any thing to do!  I’m bored.  Can I have something to eat?  He’s looking at me.  She’s touching me. Mom Mom Mom…summertime, and the live’n is easy.  HA! Now is the time to set those hands and minds to work doing some Tutti Frutti Scented Modeling Dough artsy-crafty fun. 

Tutti Frutti Scented Modeling Dough

About Tutti Frutti Scented Modeling Dough

Made in Canada according to our homemade recipe, Tutti Frutti™ reinvents traditional modelling dough by offering your children not only a colourful visual and tactile experience, but one that talks to their nose with exciting fruity scents.

Bright colors and yummy scents.  23 in all, including:

  • Lemon
  • Cherry
  • Blueberry
  • Banana
  • Green Apple
  • Watermelon
  • Strawberry
  • Chocolate
  • Vanilla
  • Cotton Candy

They smell soooo good, that you might just want to take a bite or two. ( But no worries –  the dough is salted which deters kids from wanting to eat it!) Unlike other types of modeling dough on the market, Tutti Frutti is rehydratable, it isn’t as sticky as other brands and it doesn’t leave all those annoying dried up bits. 

Fun for all ages! For the younger set, working with modeling dough helps to develop great hand/eye coordination.  Older kids will find it awesome for creative play. Encourage your little ones to break away from their “screens” and get down to some basics. Mixing colors and scents to produce new shades and fragrance combinations is so much fun. Ssssh – don’t tell anyone, but I had fun playing with it myself! It’s quite relaxing and therapeutic after a long day at my desk.

Put up the electronics and get back to creative play.

Constant electronic play can actually adversely affect mental and social growth. Because, as humans, little brains need to be wired, so to speak, to mature properly.  This wiring takes place via touch, visualization and multiple elements of speech.  Researchers are finding that the earlier in life that children are exposed to electronic devices, the more challenging it becomes to make sure that the proper brain wiring, occurs.

Too much screen time (and we are talking not just television, but games and videos on desk tops and tablets as well) is resulting in more temper tantrums, less ability to “self-occupy”, and in some cases, an inability to interact with others along with delayed language development….Scary.

Bring back free play, and provide ways for kids to express themselves through art and social interaction… like working with Tutti Frutti Scented Modeling Dough

Tutti Frutti Scented Modeling Dough






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4 years ago

Really nice idea for children on a rainy day!

Divya: Gone With A Whim

Awww, such fun! 🙂 Growing up we had unscented playing dough and that was wonderful in its own way. This post brought back good memories, thanks! 🙂

Katie Foley
4 years ago

This sounds great! I always shake my head when I see kids constantly glued to a screen when they could be getting creative with their hands! This sounds like a great idea!

4 years ago

Oh those look like so much fun! I wish they had these bacl when my daughter was a pre-schooler. The regular playdough losses it fun after its mixed up, at least with these they’ll still smell good.