5 tips for Livening Up a Rainy Weekend Stuck at Home


A weekend off work, with no kids and no husband to cook for…while the idea of being able to relax and unwind may at first sound exciting, after a few hours you’ll find the silence to be deafening. So what then?

  • Have a home-spa day

You may not be able to go to an actual spa, but you can enjoy all of the good bits at home. Start with a long bath, a good book or your Kindle, and maybe some music. Shop for some nice scented bubble bath and lotion beforehand so you can treat yourself on the day and just focus on relaxing. You may even want to have a nice glass of red – it’s all up to you.

After that, you can make your own facial masks – why buy when making is so much more enjoyable? There are plenty different recipes available online.

5 tips for livening up a rainy weekend stuck at home

  • Make something by hand

Making something by hand is always fun. Consider making some home decorations, a gift for someone, or, if you have the time, try to make some clothing.

The options are endless. If a holiday or season change is near, you could always go with something related to that. From trying some season-inspired snacks, to some make-at-home spring garlands, you can have just as much fun browsing recipes as actually making them.

If you decide to make, for example, a gift or item of decoration for a loved one, you’ll be sure to surprise them with something heartfelt and unique.

5 tips for livening up a rainy weekend stuck at home

  • Treat yourself to something new

If the whole handicrafts thing failed, or if you just want to get yourself a treat…there is always the Internet. Shop for some luxury accessories or even just some handmade home décor, and enjoy. If you’re not looking to buy anything, window shopping isn’t exclusive to your high street either.

Make a cup of tea, relax on the couch, and maybe have a look at some things that you can show to your family and friends. It’s never too early to start hinting for your upcoming birthday.

  • Play some games or have a scavenger hunt

If your family is home, you could play some board or card games together. If that doesn’t appeal, or nobody is home, you could create a scavenger hunt for your husband or kids. Write some little notes for whoever the search is for and hide them around the house, with a hint as to where the next one is.

Put a little prize at the end (perhaps a piece from your secret stash of chocolate?) and you’ve got yourself a little home adventure.

Go for the foosball games; it is a great indoor game to enjoy the quality time. Tornado foosball games remain in high class among the equals regarding the issue.

  • Try something new

This one is especially easy and versatile. From downloading a new app on your phone to trying a new genre of music (no, Justin Bieber isn’t THAT horrible), to binge watching a new series on Netflix, this tip is all about discovering something new you may like.

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3 years ago

On the off chance that your family is home, you could play some board or card recreations together. On the off chance that that doesn’t request, or no one is home, you could make a forager chase for your better half or children. Keep in touch with some little notes for whoever the look is for and shroud them around the house, with an indication as