5 Tips for helping you get back on your feet after labor


There’s no denying that going through labor and birth takes its toll on a woman’s body.  When the baby comes, a mother might feel like she is on an emotional roller coaster with all the things she is experiencing.

Physically, she might experience many things such as episiotomy, hot and cold flashes, constipation and sore breasts, among others. The body will take a while to recover from birth so a woman needs to accept that it will take some time before they get back to their former self.

Here are some tips that new mothers can follow in order to speed up their postpartum recovery.

  1. Rest – it’s easy enough to follow, but it’s actually one of the hardest to do, as new mothers tend to focus much of their energy on their baby. Sleep helps your body heal, so you like your baby will need lots of it. Many say that one good thing to do is sleep whenever your baby sleeps. You can also get someone to take care of your baby for an hour or two when you really need to take a nap. This is especially true in the first weeks as your baby might need to feed a lot of times during the day, so getting help will make life easier for you.


  1. Wear mesh undies – they will never be the most beautiful piece of clothing you will wear, but mesh undies will greatly help so that your own underwear can be safe from the vaginal overflow you will surely have after giving birth. Hospitals usually provide them, so see if you can take extras when you go home. You can just discard them after use.


  1. Set visiting hours  – whenever there is a new baby, everyone, of course, wants to visit. If you don’t set a time when visitors can come to your house, it may prove to be bad for you as your body will not get enough rest while you entertain your house guests. This is also not good for the baby, as they still need lots of rest in the first few weeks. You can try and talk to your friends to visit only at certain times so that you and your baby can recover well first.


  1. Eat healthily – you might have been vigilant with your food intake while pregnant, but take note that just because you have given birth does not mean that you can just indulge on whatever you want to eat. If you are breastfeeding, you still need to eat nutritious food. Eating protein and fiber will also help your body replenish and heal itself after the intense labor you might have gone through.


  1. Don’t hesitate to get advice and help– don’t hesitate to ask your mommy friends for advice on what they did to recover fast. There are also great resources out there that can give tips on how to recover. Go this website checkpregnancy.com for trusted information on everything related to pregnancy and postpartum recovery.


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