5 Tips for Making a Delicious Coffee or Espresso


Are you exploring the option of making your coffee or espresso at home instead of going out and buying it? Then it pays to learn how to do it right. If you are sick of trying and failing to get everything in balance, then we have a few tips for you to try out. With each of these coffee making tips, you should be much more likely to come out the other side with an impressive, diverse, and delicious coffee!

Master them, and you should notice a big improvement to the way that your coffee or espresso turns out every morning.

Start using fresher coffee and grinding it

As Cnet notes, the first and most important change that we recommend is that you start using some fresher coffee. Many people often use older coffee that sits in their pantry for months and frankly loses much of its flavour. This is something that you really want to avoid because it all starts with the beans. The better the beans the better the espresso or coffee.

Check local coffee shops; most will create small, freshly roasted batches for you. Try a variety of different roast types and narrow down on what works for preferences. You can even check your local Whole Foods or grocery store because many times they will date when the coffee is roasted and you can simply pick the freshest one.

Make sure you’re storing things in an airtight container and that you’re freshly grinding beans on the spot with a quality grinder brand. Flavour starts to diminish quickly after the beans have been ground, so doing it right before you make your beverage is the best way to go about things.

Finding your favorite flavor

The thing that many people have an issue with when it comes to enjoying a coffee or espresso is buying the correct flavor or roast profile that suits their personal palette. Only you know your taste buds and flavor preferences so you may have to do some experimenting to find the right one.

Some people prefer a bitter taste, while some prefer sweeter notes. Others tend to like things right in the middle – not too light and not too dark.

Even if you make your coffee perfectly, it won’t matter if you aren’t starting the process with beans that you’re going to love.

The heat has to be just right

For a lot of coffee lovers, the hardest thing to get right is the amount of heat that you want to add to the cup. If you are serious about making some truly delectable coffee, then you should be should be tracking the temperature that your coffee or espresso machine is operating it.

We recommend that you try and get your coffee to around 198-201 degrees. This range is fantastic for bringing out the flavors in the beans without getting those burnt and bitter notes that many of us don’t like.

Are you getting the crema correct?

If you’re making espresso, we highly recommend you take the time to get your crema on point. If you don’t know what crema is, it’s a powerful extract of natural oils and solid within the espresso beans themselves.

They are part of the foaminess of an espresso, and the thickness of your crema depends on the pressure and temperature that you brew it. If you get the crema just right, though, you will be able to taste the difference. It also improves the mouthfeel because it makes it thicker and richer.

See the recommended temperature ranges above for a basic starting point.

If you’ve had the Nitro Coldbrew from Starbucks recently, you’ll notice that the coffee is creamy without any milk being added to it.

Once you master the crema, you won’t even have to add any additional dairy to your drinks because it will be naturally frothy.

Use the right espresso machine

Lastly, what kind of espresso or coffee making machine are you using? Many people go for the cheap option. But for serious coffee snobs, it’s a good idea to do your research and get the top option in your price range.

Also consider which types of beverages you like best. Do you like pour over, drip, espresso or perhaps something else?

To make espresso without a headache, consider a super automatic machine such as a Jura which will go from the bean right to your cup with the push of a button. They can be over $500, but are well worth it if you don’t want to mess with grinding any beans or using and cleaning a portafilter.

On a budget, getting a good pour over unit like a Chemex is a great way to get café-quality beverages in your home.

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Amar Kumar
4 years ago

Hello Ladonna,

Brewing the perfect cup of coffee is everybody’s mission. Everyday, we wake up with the prospect of being productive all throughout the week. The better the beans, the better the coffee. The flavor of a cup of coffee depends on several factors. Water temperature is one such factor that allows you to unlock the richness of coffee.

4 years ago

Great advice! The most important thing is to find a good coffee and the right grind. I like to drink сortado, which I read about in the JayarrCoffee blog. This is a very strong drink based on double espresso with a small amount of milk