5 Skincare Methods For Men


Skincare products for men have come a long way. Now there are countless options for men with varying skin and facial hair needs. Some men have chosen to go back to the classic straight razor, while others prefer a more modern approach. 

Regardless of a man’s style, there are products to help him achieve his perfect look. Here are five skincare methods for men that you need to try today. 

  • Straight Razor

There is nothing more classic than the straight razor. They were designed in 1600 and barely changed for over 200 years. The classic shave experience for men has always been the straight razor at the barbershop, and is still argued as the best shave a man can get today. 

That is why the straight razor has been reinvented for the modern age, with more men going back to their roots. Made with stainless steel blades, a straight razor will keep its sharp edge for a long time. If it should ever become dull, it can be sharpened. 

Not only does a straight razor give you better lines and shave, it’s easy to keep clean of hair and dirt, unlike disposable or electric razors. It’s also something that can safely be tucked away in a travel case and taken with you, without taking up much room in your toiletry bag. 

  • Beard Cream

Gone are the days of spraying white cream from the aerosol can into a lather and onto your face. Shaving or beard creams should have essential oils and moisturizers to condition and care for your skin and beard.

Facial hair is different from head hair, especially on men. It tends to be thicker, and more coarse – like a wiry texture. That is why you should pay attention to products that touch your beard, whether it be the straight razor, a disposable, or another choice, and use a good beard cream.

  • Beard Brush

Taking care of the skin on your face is directly related to properly caring for your facial hair. We all know the old tale of women brushing their hair a 100 times before going to bed. While that is excessive, there are benefits to your scalp when brushing your hair. This also means, a man brushing his beard has benefits as well.

Brushing stimulates hair follicles, which not only stimulates growth, but trains your beard to grow the way you want. It adds volume and keeps your beard free of build-up. It will also help you distribute any oils and balms you use in your beard evenly. 

The best beard brushes have boar bristles, which tame your hair and keep it free from any tangles. Be sure it is a strong and large enough brush to easily hold and use for grooming. It is recommended that you brush your beard twice a day for maximum results. 

  • Beard Shampoo

Men shouldn’t use the same products for their head hair as they do their facial hair. This was mentioned previously, however this is especially true in regard to beard shampoo. 

We already established the consistency of beard hair is more wiry. That is why it requires a special formulation. Shampoo and conditioner are made to strip, and rebuild your hair’s natural oils – that won’t work for your beard! 

You want to use a beard shampoo, which gently cleans without stripping essential oils away from your face. Not only does this stimulate healthy bead hair growth, it means your face remains hydrated and healthy too. 

  • Accelerators

An interesting skincare method men can use is accelerators for facial hair growth. In addition to beard shampoos and oils, there are also beard growth vitamins and vitamin spray. 

Although they may keep you healthy, most vitamins you are already taking have nothing to do with keeping your beard healthy or making it grow faster. By taking a beard vitamin, you are giving your body back the essential nutrients for its growth. 

If vitamin pills aren’t your thing, you can spritz your beard with vitamin spray. Not only is it extremely convenient and travel friendly, you will get the same results with the ease of a spray. You can use the vitamin spray to refresh midday when your beard is in bulking season, and it will enhance its growth. 

Not only that, but the mist will leave you smelling terrific! 


Skincare products for men have evolved a lot over the years, however beard and facial hair is a fairly new addition. A resounding 44% of men have full beards, so there is no surprise why the products have been so popular. 

Now there are even more methods for men’s skincare, so it’s important to keep in mind that not all products are created equal. When choosing beard and facial care for men, consider these five products and categories.

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