5 Signs that your loved one is suffering from substance abuse


Addiction to drugs and alcohol is probably one of the most dangerous things that could happen to someone, most especially if it remains undetected. People who are struggling with substance abuse will go through a lot of suffering and when they are left untreated, it will not only destroy their lives but also the lives of the people around them. Like all other diseases, you will be able to see signs and symptoms if a person is struggling with substance abuse. It is important that you proactively help your loved one who is suffering from this so that they will be able to redeem their lives and be able to enjoy their life to the fullest.

Here are five signs that your loved one is suffering from substance abuse.

  1. Unpredictability

Alcohol and drugs can create a lot of drastic changes in someone’s body and people who are struggling with this will often start acting unpredictably. For instance, if a friend or family is addicted to cocaine, you will often notice an erratic change of mood or they seem easily provoked. Some cocaine abuse side effects include a lot of negative moods that can make a huge impact on relationships with friends and family.

  1. Lies and Secrets

Substance abuse can lead to a lot of betrayals. One of the most common signs you will notice on someone who has succumbed to substance abuse is they start becoming defensive and secretive. They also keep themselves isolated a lot of times and they refuse to answer you straightly. If you notice these signs to your loved one, try a calm and positive approach so that they can open up to you with a deep problem they are into.

  1. Change of weight

A person who is struggling with substance abuse will often have fluctuations in their weight. It will change their appetite and as a result, some people will experience eating disorders. Some people will suddenly have a sudden weight gain or severe weight loss. As soon as you notice your loved one suffering from any of these signs and symptoms, make sure to check on them since they may be struggling with substance abuse and needs serious help.

  1. Lack of motivation to perform their responsibilities.

A person who is suffering from substance abuse will experience a shift in their priorities. Oftentimes, they are particularly not admirable. They start becoming unreliable and they no longer care about their responsibilities. A lot of times, they will forget about their tasks and deadlines that will ultimately destroy their careers.

  1. Lack of interested in hobbies or passion.

Someone who is suffering from substance abuse will start not giving a care about their hobbies or passions. They will suddenly become disinterested with the favorite things they previously love doing. People around them including you will suddenly don’t understand this sudden change. It is important that you as a friend or family will calmly approach your loved one suffering from substance abuse to help them with this problem.

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