5 Reasons Why Physiotherapy is Good for Your Health


Based on World Confederation of Physical therapists, (WCPT), physical therapy focuses on identifying and improving the quality of life and potential of mobility in the aspect of prevention, promotion, rehabilitation, treatment, and habilitation. Physiotherapy assists individuals in all ages who are having the illness, medical conditions or injuries which limit their moving ability and function.

The customized physiotherapy program may aid individuals to return to their former levels of functioning and inspire activities and changes in lifestyle which may assist in the prevention of further injury and boost the overall well being and health. Kitchener physiotherapy services can provide therapy to patients if they have a problem since they consider this as a conservative technique of solving problems.

  1. Reduction of Pain

Chronic pain is one of the most frustrating problems that you can experience, particularly if you do not know the underlying issue. But, physiotherapy methods, as well as therapeutic activities, may help mobilize the soft tissue, joints and restore the function of the muscle, minimize aches or eliminate the pain completely. Moreover, if you continue performing the prescribed exercises, it will prevent the pain from coming back. Multiple orthopedic conditions such as arthritis, frozen shoulder, muscle tear, tendonitis, sprains and more, physical therapy assists in relieving pain through a lot of modalities like TENS, IFT, ultrasound and therapy exercises like mobilization and manual therapy.

  1. Women’s health

Physical therapy will assist you in the postnatal and antenatal period. Physiotherapists perform antenatal classes, that assist in maintaining women health and the health of the child. It also helps in easy delivery. Physiotherapy will also assist with the labor pains and help with the terms of post-natal. Post-delivery will cause a lot of issues like neck pain, back pain and low back pain with the radiculopathy. Physiotherapy will guide to have the appropriate posture and assist in relieving your pain.

  1. Balance and Mobility

Mostly after a big injury, it may become hard to get back to your original position. Mobility could be restricted and simple exercises like eating, writing or balancing your body may become a problem. Thus, you will require physical therapy. Strengthening and stretching exercises may restore your mobility, making walking around safer and even improve balance and coordination if you at high risk of falling.

  1. Reduces dependence on pain medication

In most cases when someone undergoes surgery, there could be long-term pain related problems which have to a be addressed. In order to minimize the reliance on pain medication like opioids, physiotherapy is mostly a safe option of addressing pain problems from surgery. Even the Center for Disease Prevention and Control recommends the use of physiotherapy rather than the pain medications.

5.Manage of Lung Illness

Physical therapy helps in various conditions such as pneumonia, bronchitis, asthma, emphysema, bronchiectasis and more. Chest physiotherapy helps in removing lung secretions. It eliminates sputum from your lungs and clears congestion in the chest. The breathing exercises assist in the maintenance of lung patency.


Since physiotherapy is not just an alternative course of treatment, it provides a lot of benefits for individuals in all walks of life from the sports people and athletes to individuals who are suffering from a myriad of health problems. Physiotherapy has no side effects and will offer the solution you are looking for.

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