5 Reasons to Choose Cash Buyers Over Traditional Realtors


Are you planning to sell your property to a cash buyer but are unsure about your decision?

Well, this article will certainly help strengthen your resolve. Besides that, we will discuss why you should sell your house fast for cash instead of going the traditional way. 

People, on average, have been more inclined towards the traditional time-consuming method of contacting a local realtor, abiding by their contract rules, and waiting for months on end to get picked by a buyer (let alone getting paid instantly).

But cash-buying companies operate a bit differently. They need you to contact them and send them property visuals. Based on that, they make a cash offer instantaneously. 

There is plenty more you need to know about them. Let’s dive a bit deeper:

  1.     No repairs required

Unlike realtors who want you to keep your house in the best condition, cash buyers do not ask you to make any repairs. 

Cash buyers understand that getting repairs done may take several more months. Besides that, repairs can also take a toll on homeowners pockets. 

Therefore, they buy the property in as-it-is condition so that no inconvenience is caused to the owner. 

  1.     No marketing hassles

Evading marketing hassle is one of the biggest reasons home buyers are considered better than average realtors

Realtors showcase your property to a limited buyer base and charge a handsome commission from you. Home sellers often have to hire multiple realtors to reach more eyeballs and intensify marketing efforts. Therefore, increasing the commission load on the seller. 

But, hiring a cash buyer would mean no extra commission or marketing efforts. You get paid instantly, considering the current market price of properties in your area.

  1.     Quick cash

If you have already bought a home elsewhere and are willing to move out quickly from your current residence, this option is your best bet. 

Unlike traditional ways which involve mortgage underwriting, modern-day cash-buying companies settle all your payment accounts within a week. You get the first installment instantly after both parties agree to the deal. 

Going the traditional way would mean waiting 60-90 days for the buyer to clear the dues. Moreover, buyers can demand an extension if their financial situation deters them.

Thus, it is best to go for a cash buyer who does not stick to such a methodical approach. 

  1.     Credibility 

If you sell your home through a realtor, the buyer always has the option to step out of the deal whenever they want. They may not qualify for mortgage finances or back out of the deal, saying they have financial exhaustion. 

But cash buyers are responsible. They are a team of trusted people who work under a company’s banner. They are aware of the reputational consequences they may face if they do not honor the deal. 

Therefore, they are obligated to seal the deal they agree to. 

  1.     No stress

Given how fast-moving our lives have become, we have to deal with stressful situations every day.

Amidst that, answering a realtor’s calls every second hour can be mentally draining. That is why it is best to opt for cash buyers. 

Unlike realtors, cash buyers do not pay multiple visits for inspection or call you unnecessarily. For example, they ask you to share the photos through digital mediums to bypass the physical inspection formalities. 


Cash buyers provide you with a quick way to sell your house for cash. There is much less paperwork, and you don’t have to wait months to get your payments cleared. 

So, if you want to avoid hefty home selling processes, we recommend you contact cash buyers today for a no-obligation quote.

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