5 kid-friendly outdoor living space ideas


The best thing you can do if you have small children is to customize your outdoor space by making it a kid-friendly living area. There’s no need to make big structural changes to the area, start small by designating some outdoor space for the kids. So long as you have an outdoor space and kids, you have a recipe for success. Keep reading for tips on how to create the ultimate kid-friendly outdoor space.

  • Something to Keep the Kids Busy

If you want to relax in your outdoor space without having to worry about the kids getting bored, consider incorporating objects that will keep your kids busy for hours. An outdoor sandbox is designed to keep your kids busy and works best if you want to create a leisurely outdoor vibe. Plus, it’ll keep your kids busy playing in the sand for hours.

If not a sandbox, then maybe a small pool. You don’t have to install a fiberglass or concrete pool either, a reusable inflatable pool can be just as fun, especially if you have limited space available. Having something fun for children to do outdoors means you’ll have time to sit back and relax while keeping the kids within view. 

  • Invest in the Right Furniture

When decorating your outdoor living space, outdoor furniture should be a priority, especially when you have kids enjoying the space. You want quality furniture that will stand the test of time but still be practical and comfortable. Teak furniture is a great choice, especially when you have kids sharing your lounge chairs and you can start with a grey modern teak outdoor lounge chair to create a relaxing atmosphere. The great thing about teak furniture is that it’s super simple to clean with a little bit of water and a hint of mild-dish soap.

  • Create Space for Both the Kids and Grown-ups

The outdoor space and garden area require a lot of attention and care but you don’t have to bear the brunt of the work. Get the kids involved and teach them how to take care of their outdoor space from a young age. 

You can start with something simple such as letting your child have his or her own garden patch. Make the outdoor space a chance for you to spend time with your children as well, and take time to teach them how to grow plants and care for what they grow. Growing a garden in your outdoor area also comes with the benefit of enjoying the fruits of your hard work as you relax.

  • Chalk it Up to Play

If you have impressive outdoor teak furniture, you can keep it kid-safe by giving the kids a designated chalk drawing spot. That way, instead of doodling on your cushions, they’ll be too busy playing hopscotch.

Plus, children love using chalk to write almost everywhere and anywhere, and it’s a great way to help them express their creativity while enjoying the outdoors. 

  • Bird Feeders and Baths

If you’d like to go for the secret garden vibe, consider adding a bird feeder and bird bath to your garden. Having birds stop by to sing a little tune before they leave is a great way to reconnect with nature and teach your little ones a thing or two about other creatures.

It’s also a good idea to add flowers and plants that attract bees to add that attractive pop of color to your outdoor living space.

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1 month ago

Also, consider installing a swimming pool in your backyard for your kids to enjoy. I would suggest a saltwater pool as the water in such a pool is “softer” and doesn’t cause irritation to the eyes and skin. For additional safety, install an above-ground swimming pool. By default, most above-ground pools have a high entry point of 52 to 54 inches, which reduces the chance of accidental falls.