5 Items That Are Necessary to Take to Sports Camp This Summer


Summer sports camps are great for a lot of reasons. Not only does it develop a genuine interest in sports, you also learn about sportsmanship, teamwork, discipline and other traits that can prove helpful in other areas of life. It helps prepare you for real life. But before that, you need to do be well-prepared in what to bring to a summer sports camp.

Those who have been into sports camps before know the utter importance of the right preparation. You have to have the right things ready when you need them. And since you can’t bring the whole house with you to make sure you have everything you need, you have to be smart in your packing and in your preparations. This means you have to bring those that are absolutely necessary and leave behind those that are not to make space for things that are important. The following five items are absolute must-haves when you go to a sports camp this summer:

  1.    Sporting Clothes

Leave those fashion favorites behind and pack up for the real action. Make sure you bring clothes you will really use, and that includes your sports clothes. Pack up your sweatpants, workout shorts, wool crew, jerseys, sports polos, and other clothing you usually use for sports. Do away with baggy pants and jeans that will only consume space. Choose items that are lightweight but durable, flexible and easy to dry. Of course, pack only the number of clothes you think you will really use.

  1.    Toiletries

You don’t want to end up going to sleep smelling like the day’s sweat. You need to have the right cleaning and washing paraphernalia for your body. Soap, body wash, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush and all other things you use when washing up and cleaning up at the start of the day or after sporting events. While it is sometimes understandable to be stinky during events, it doesn’t mean that you have to.

  1.    Ankle Braces

Bring some extra layers of protection during sporting events such as an ankle brace. Many players before you wish that they had and learned their lesson the hard way. Ankle braces help protect your foot from injuries and also helps support already injured ankles. As they always say, it is better to be safe than sorry. Here’s a good guide for ankle braces.

  1.    Flashlight and Equipment

It’s not a camp if you are not preparing for camping, so pack up those camping gears you been saving for this much-awaited adventure. Flashlights are non-negotiable so make sure you get one. Aside from basic camping equipment, you may bring some whistles, floaters, goggles for swimming and other items. Get your sports tumbler ready and go on some real adventures safely out there.

  1.    Sports Gears

Finally, pack up your sports gear. Some camps already have gear, but it doesn’t hurt to bring along extras. Pack your bat, cleats, shoulder pads, and other gear you may need for specific sports. Check out which ones will be conducted during the camp and pack for it.

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