5 Fun Things to Do in Bethesda, MD on a Budget


Are you looking forward to moving to beautiful Bethesda, Maryland? If so, you have made an excellent choice.

Bethesda is a wonderful place to live. But, what is Bethesda like? And what are some fun things to do in Bethesda?

In this article, we will reveal some of the best and most fun things to do in Bethesda Maryland, on a budget. Read on and discover how you can have the best of Bethesda at a great price.

1. Exploring Riverside Walks

The popular routes offer stunning views of the Potomac River, along with great opportunities for bird-watching and photography. One of the most popular routes is Norwood Park, which features an overlook, a fishing pier, and a picnic area.

Nearby this, visitors can find quaint neighborhoods such as West Renos Park and Burning Tree Estates. Guests can have plenty of time exploring these natural features, with no cost involved.

2. Take a Self-Guided Tour of Public Art Displays

Bethesda is filled with public art installations, both unique and traditional, including sculptures, murals, mosaics, and more. You can find these art pieces all around the city, from the Bethesda Metro Center to the corner of Old Georgetown Rd. and Woodmont Ave.

The artwork is varied and vibrant, with themes ranging from historical tributes to modern interpretations to playful splashes of color. When you travel to Bethesda, it’s free to explore these public art displays and learn about Bethesda’s culture and history.

3. Enjoying Happy Hour at Local Spots

The Mediterranean Bistro is known for its great-tasting pizzas and affordable mixed drinks, perfect for a casual night out with a friend. Rock Bottom Brewery is a great spot to enjoy a round of beers and a tray of nachos at happy hour.

The Black’s Bar & Kitchen offers great cocktails and small plates that fit any budget. This one of the bars in Bethesda has the enjoyable atmosphere of gathering for Hanaro happy hour, featuring delicious discounts on craft beers, specialty cocktails, delicious food, and more.

4. Shopping for Deals at Area Thrift Stores

Thrift stores are a great way to find many items at discounted prices, including clothing, furniture, electronics, and even small appliances. Many Bethesda-area thrift stores carry a wide variety of gently used items in both men’s and women’s apparel that can save you a great deal of money.

Additionally, furniture and home decor items can be found at some thrift stores. Most thrift stores sell items second-hand, which allows customers to walk away with a great deal, sometimes only a few dollars.

5. Trying Unique Activities at the Round House Theatre

Round House Theatre offers a wide variety of unique activities, including theatre, art projects, filmmaking, and other media projects. The theatre offers discounts for students, seniors, and military personnel.

Visitors can enjoy a diverse selection of films from around the world, from indies to family films, as well as live performance shows and interactive activities. They also have an art gallery and a film library for visitors to explore.

A Guide to Things to Do in Bethesda, MD on a Budget

Bethesda MD is a great place to spend a day on a budget with the variety of fun activities it has to offer. With this guide, you can find something to do that is both exciting and affordable. 

Now that you know all about the wonderful things to do in Bethesda MD on a budget, what are you waiting for? Start planning your next Bethesda adventure today! 

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