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Are you planning a trip to Japan but confused when to visit Osaka. Do you know when it is the best time to visit the city and take advantage of all the attractions it has to offer? Osaka is well known for its spring cherry blossoms or it’s Autumn foliage spots. If you can come either during these two seasons, that will be great. But if not, don’t worry finding things to do in Osaka either in winter or summer will be also great because the city offers different activities and places for you to visit.

Spring in Osaka is between March and May. It’s temperature is nice. There is just a little rain and the temperature is anout 70 degrees Fahrenheit. A jacket will come handy if you do outdoor expeditions as well as an umbrella or raincoat. The most popular attractions during Spring would be checking the cherry blossoms bloom and sumo wrestlers wrestle. A very famous place to visit in Spring is nishinomaru Garden because Osaka Castle Park is here. You will be able to see the Osaka Castle which is surrounded by hundreds of cherry trees in full blossom. This Park is open from 9 a.m. To 5 p.m. most of the days and the best of all is that during spring the schedule is extended until 9 p.m. It will be amazing to see illuminated tours of the grounds at night.

Osaka is famous during spring for its cherry blossoms. But it also features plum trees and a variety of nature in Japanese gardens. If you like Picnicking with friends and family the Kema Sakuranomiya Park would be the perfect place for you. You can eat, drink and chat with friends and family while you’re surrounded by more than five thousand cherry trees. Incredible, isn’t it? If you would like to learn more about sumo wrestling, The March Grand tournament will be the perfect place to attend. You will be able to see many sumo wrestlers showing their skills and strength. You can buy tickets either online or the day of the event.

Summer in Osaka is from June to August. Temperature is relatively hot but taking an umbrella with you wouldn’t be a bad idea because it can sometimes get a little rainy. Because the temperature in Osaka is usually hot you can spend your afternoons or evenings on the beach and join the outdoor festivals when the sun goes down. Osaka offers a variety of beautiful beaches such as Nishikinohama Beach Park which is perfect for swimming, barbecuing or just walking along or Osaka Bay. If you prefer white sand rather than black Tan’nowa Tokimeki Beach is the ideal place for you. This is the perfect Beach to swim and to picnic with friends and family on its white sands. If you love festivals you will find hundreds of them in Osaka during Summer. There are different festivals such as the Festival of the Gods in Tenjin Matsuri. The Lantern Festival is also amazing in Dontonbori River. You will be able to see different Traditions such as the lion dance, which is held in the Ikutama Summer Festival. If you are a little superstitious the Shitennoji Sennichi Mairi festival will be the perfect place for you. You can get 1000 days of good luck by stepping through a ring of native grasses.

Fall in Osaka is between September and November. During this season is when people visit Osaka the most. The weather is nice and comfortable. During thisseason you can see different Fall foliage spots in the outer parts of the city. We all know that some of the nation’s most colorful spots to see a Fall Foliage are in Osaka. So why missing it? Come to the different parks and see the colorful trees. There are different places you can visit during Autumn such as Osaka Castle Park or maybe  go to Midosuji Boulevard and admire the beautiful Autumn colors the trees have.

Winter in Osaka is between December and February. You probably won’t see snow during this season, but wearing a coat, hat, gloves and outdoor clothes will be highly recommended. Because Christmas is celebrated during this season, many locals love to light up Osaka’s buildings. You can visit Midosuji Illuminations, which is a festival of light celebration that is displayed in mid-November. It is made of 3 kilometers down Midosuji Road making it one of the world’s largest illuminated streets. We all know that Japan is well known for its technology. You can see amazing 3D projections shown on the tower of the Sun. This is a perfect activity for children. If you would like to ski, Biwako Valley Ski Resort is waiting for you. It is within the mountains just an hour and a half of the north of Osaka. You will be able to ski, do different activities on the snow and have a gorgeous view of Lake Biwa.

No matter the season you’re planning to visit Osaka, it has different, amazing and interesting activities for you. Come with friends or with your family and enjoy the incredible Activities that a Osaka offers during the whole year.

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