5 Essential Organizational Tips for Mom Students


Going back to school is a big leap for any mom, especially for those pursuing a medical degree. Being a mother is hard enough without added responsibilities, and being a medical student just adds an extra layer. Many mothers who combine the two end up tired and worn out, and end up neglecting either their studies or family. Learn how to get organized for school. It is possible to juggle work, studies, and family. Here are five essential organizational tips every studying mother should live by.

1. Have a Schedule

The first step in earning a bachelor of medical sonography degree, or whatever course you choose to study, is to make a schedule. The second is sticking to it. So, plan out everything you need to do for that day, week, or month.

Start by noting down all the assignments you have to do, and then plan how to do them based on priority. As you organize your schedule, remember to include family time as well. Even as a student, your family still matters. Finally, inform family members of your schedule so that they know when to give your some space.

2. Set Aside a Study Area

A schedule alone is not a guarantee that you will get your school work done. Kids have a way of intruding on your time, especially if you try to study around them. To avoid any distractions, set aside a study area in the house where you can study in peace.

3. Study in Short Bursts and Take Breaks

Once you prepare a schedule and study area, it is time to get down to the business. However, do not make the mistake of pushing yourself too hard or studying for many hours at a go. If you do, your mind will wander. Instead, follow the “short-and-sweet” rule. This means studying in half-an-hour sessions. After about an hour, take a 15-minute break to refresh your mind.

4. Study Whenever You Can

Whenever possible, carry your books as you go out for coffee or to the park. The change of scenery will be a welcome break. Also, download audio books on a particular subject and listen to them when you are jogging or driving. You could also consider enrolling in an online university that will allow you to enjoy more flexibility. If you really want to go for an online medical sonography degree, there are online universities such as ADU Online that offer many online medical degrees you can follow from the comfort of your home, and at your own pace.

5. Have a Support System

The best schedule does not insulate you from hardships, so expect things to go wrong from time to time. During such times, you should rely on your family for support, or reach out to student moms like you.

Truth be told, being both a mother and a student is difficult. However, it is achievable. The key is to have a schedule and a private study area where you are free from distractions. Finally, study whenever you can – even in the park, and ask for your family and friends’ support.


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