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Does your house seem like it is going out of season? Do you feel dull in your own house? Do you wish to liven it up without burning a hole in your pocket? If the answer is a yes, given below are five decoration ideas that could help you enhancing your lifestyle.
Swap: The simplest and most effective way of enlivening your room is replacing old furniture with new but if you do not have the budget for that now, you could simple change the pillows and sofa covers. These will not only change the look of your room but can also be replaced with every changing season. But again, if your side table has turned giving out squeaky sounds it times you replace it with another table.
Accessorize: If you are a family person and love to see pictures of your loved ones, it would be a refreshing change to merely place these pictures into snazzy frames and place them at strategic places in your house. Even better, you could zero down on a wall and make it your family picture wall. You could even accessorize by adding a glass menagerie with small assorted figurines

Modify: Your bedroom may not be the most visited place by your guests, but if you wish to decorate it for yourself you could start with changing the bed and make it as per your taste. Changing the mattress on your bed will bring about a big change considering the comfort it will accord you with. Off late there are many options when it comes to choosing a mattress, you could opt for a king sized mattress or even get an odd sized mattress to match the measurement of your bed. To further spruce up your bedroom, you could add bed curtains to your bed. These not only add to the appearance of your bedroom but also give a retro look to your bed.
Light up!: If you like table lamps or vases, your could try changing the shades on a regular basis without changing the body of the lamp. Vases on the other hand could be bought in neutral tones and you can place assorted fresh flowers or artificial flowers of your choice. A dash of colour always helps in perking up anyone’s mood. You could even think of buying a chandelier for your living room as it adds to the grandeur of your room and give the additional

Drapes: Another lucrative idea would be changing the curtains of your doors and windows. You could have a fusion of colours that be changed as per the room in question and the season. For example during spring, your bedroom could have some light coloured curtain that could bring in the sunshine whereas the in winter some thick curtains can keep out the chilly breeze.
Hopefully, these tips will help you in sprucing up your home lifestyle and in the process liven up your life as well. But don’t forget that to keep this mood alive you will have keep modifying your home as well!

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