Get the Baby Shower Gift That Gets the Most Ooohs and Aaahs


Know someone who is getting ready to have a baby? Don’t shop for typical gifts like a rattle or a baby blanket that the mom-to-be may never use. Shop for a truly unique gift that is both stylish and practical. The new mom will love using it, and everyone at the shower will “ooh” and “aah” over it.

Not sure where to start? We’ve put together some of our favorite gifts to make the choice a bit easier:

Chew Beads

Once babies start teething, they want to gnaw on everything to soothe their throbbing gums. Instead of giving mom a teether that baby holds and that she will have to pick up every time baby drops, give her a chew beads necklace instead. She wears the necklace, and it contains soft beads that baby can safely chew while being held in mom’s arms.

The necklace is designed not to break or to allow the beads to come loose. Plus, it is stylish enough for mom to wear even when she’s not with baby. You can find several options at

Bandana Bibs

Bibs are a popular baby shower option. But instead of getting a stereotypical bib that says “I love mommy” or that has pictures of bears or ducks on it, get something with a little more style and personality. You can find bibs with other fun sayings that reflect mom and dad’s personality, or you can go with the on-trend bandana bib.

These don’t look like bibs at all, but rather, look like little bandanas for the stylish baby. But they do the same job of catching drool and other messes.

Baby Food Dispensing Spoon

Feeding babies can be a messy endeavor. That’s why you need the bibs. You can make life even easier on moms with a baby food dispensing spoon.

The food goes in the handle of the spoon, and squeezing it puts just a bit of food on the tip of the spoon. Moms can control the amount of baby food and feed baby with one hand.

Stylish Night Light

Babies may not be able to say that they are afraid of the dark, but they certainly don’t like being in a dark room all alone. A night light can make them feel better and rest easier.

Again, go for something a little more stylish here. Plenty of designs are available that basically look like small, glowing orbs or even luminescent creatures. You can even get night lights that cast a soft cascade of stars against the wall.

Baby Wrap or Carrier

It will be at least six long months before the new baby can crawl, and it may be a year or more before the little tyke can walk. That’s a long time to carry around a baby, day in and day out.

You can make things a lot easier on mom by gifting her with a baby wrap or soft-structured carrier. While she may still want to use a stroller when out for walks or some errands, a baby carrier can be worn around the house while she takes care of tasks, and it is much easier to use when popping out for quick errands like a trip to the post office. Plus, baby carriers look a lot more stylish than strollers.

Nursing Pads and Cover

If you know that mom plans to breastfeed, there are two essential gifts you can give: nursing pads and a nursing cover.

Nursing pads can help soothe sore nipples while also catching leaks before they have a chance to soak through a bra or shirt. A nursing cover can make mom feel more comfortable when she has to nurse out in public or in front of judgmental family members. You can have fun picking out the nursing cover as there are many stylish options.

For any gift you choose, try to find a green option. Environmentally friendly gifts are very popular right now, not only because they are better for the planet, but also because they are better for baby. They don’t have harmful chemicals, so you don’t have to worry about baby putting them in his mouth or about the chemicals hurting his sensitive skin.

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